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Are you living in a world of “Have to”?

When everything feels like an effort and there is no longer any joy left in what

you are doing – you are already there.

As opposed to being in an internal space of peace, love & joy…it all just

feels like struggle town!

What happens when there is no joy associated with what you are doing?


Joy needs to be one of your main 3 priorities!

In some cases to find your joy again, it can be an intensive process of extreme change and getting out of your comfort zone, whereas sometimes its just an easy case of shaking things up a little.

We can start by looking at your own motivation – your WHY!

What is your WHY?

We don’t do anything FOREVER, so there is no need to do the “have to” for

longer then is necessary – JOY is the intention.

There will always be triggers for our stress – Stress happens!

You have a choice, the choice to let the stress run your life and let it live your life, or you can take charge of it and YOU can live your life

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