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Are you tapping into something bigger than you thought possible through your dreams?

Therese opens up about her intense dreams that she has been experiencing recently, something that you

maybe experiencing in a similar way as well.

This is a time of action – it is time to step up to be the best that a human can be.

Living to the highest standard of your own code of ethics

What is your definition of the “best that a human can be”?

You need to be continually mindful of not super-imposing your path (and thoughts/opinions) onto others around you and then judging them for not taking your path, as we each have our own path to follow that we will perceive that a high frequency human being should take.

Passing these judgments onto others can lower our vibration

Having this awareness will enable you to change this at any time – it becomes a choice.

Our mind creates the reflection of us as being separate from the universe

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