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How do you know if you are using the old paradigms versus the new paradigms?


It will all come down to the difference between competition and collaboration.


Old Paradigms = Competitive Mindset (Me against the World)

New Paradigms = Collaborative (Me with the World & everyone else)


A different way of thinking


As we have moved through our lives from our late teens/early adulthood where it is drummed into us that it was all on us to get out what we put in, dog eat dog mindset – we developed into where we are today where our mindsets have changed over that time.

It has shifted as we have moved into a more integrated world, with huge influences such as the internet that has the power to move whole societies and broadcast instant happenings across the world – it is such a different world now along with the higher level of consciousness.


The game has shifted


“In order to succeed, I have to be at the TOP of the ladder” …. old paradigm!

The old way will keep you STUCK every time!


This collaboration energy is all about how we can lift each other up , together!


SUPPORT is the difference between lack & abundance


Having the collaboration mindset, understanding that there are infinite pieces of pie to go around that are multi-faceted – knowing that everyone is bringing something new to the table will open up the possibilities & your focus.


They are all VALID


As a species, we are meant to collaborate with everyone and knowing that we have an abundant universe, world and life will resignate with the people that we are meant to work with.


Have you tried “Niching-Down” ?


As you become more focused within yourself and your business, the world will naturally open up to you.

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