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As a mother, we always have to be prepared for change and quickly learn how to adapt to new situations, at the same time supporting our children through the process too.


Juggling Business, relationships & Life


Don’t ever think that there will be patterns or routines when it comes to change, you will be setting yourself up for failure.


It will NEVER happen


The mercury retrograde and the full moon happening right now is all circling around CHANGE


CHANGE is the only constant in our world that we can be sure will indeed happen.


The feelings (anger, resentment, frustration, resistance) that you have towards change, will amplify the

lack of being able to adapt towards the change then it would if you were to acknowledge it and

move forward with the change.


It is what it is


How often do you have a plan that goes exactly to that plan?


Change is inevitable, we need to accept that and go with it.


When new things happen, we should get excited about the new opportunities that it can present to us.

Sometimes, change can feel like a loss – something that has been taken away. We lose focus of what new things will be coming along with the change and how we can grow with the change – the change that will soon become normal to us again


“We never really lose, it might not be what is was – but we never lose”


This is what I’m achieving, this is what needs to happen in order for everything to work out how I need it to….

The reality is, knowing that no matter what curveballs are being thrown your way, every single one of them will give you an opportunity to grow.


It is OK to feel the fear, loss, anxiety and frustration that comes along with change, but then you need to come back into your space of alignment and focus your energy on the positive growth – don’t waste your energy on the negative that will dissipate once you settle into the change.

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