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When you are trying to get your business established, network and get yourself out there – especially when you are working from home around your children, it can often get overwhelming on where to put your focus at any given time.


Being a Mother – our focus will naturally fall to the children’s needs and wants at the time, even the tantrums and refereeing the siblings. However, losing focus at the critical point in building your business that you are doing to support your family can have the negative impact that you really need to avoid.


It’s a catch 22!!


It will come down to learning how to prioritize between work and being a mum, easier said then done – we know that all to well ourselves!


There will be no simple black and white one size fits all solution.


Sometimes we crave more to our existence then being a mum – being a mum is a tough gig, one of the toughest jobs you will ever have. As rewarding as it is, some mums don’t want it to be the ONLY defining achievement in their lives, for others it is enough – and we think that is awesome too.  You need to do what feels right for your soul, what is in alignment with your goals.


Soul Fulfilling


What does your soul need?


We can get very caught up in the guilt of what we “should be” doing and what we actually need to be doing. What seems to be the best option for you at the time may not feel logical or practical…something as simple as a haircut!


When you have a well set out plan that seems do-able at the time and ticks all the boxes, then for whatever reason you have to diverge from the plan or move deadlines – that can cause guilt and you may put undue pressure on yourself.


Being a Mumpreneur means looking after the children, the business and YOURSELF, so there will be times where you can’t put in a “full days work” on either side of the coin, they are now both “part-time” rolls which you will do amazing things with

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