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We know for sure that we will not be going through an apocalypse with natural deodorant or room temperature wine…that’s just not cricket!




Mercury is playing games with our times and well laid plans – getting in the way of us trying to be prepared


The Universe must have a warped sense of humor, sometimes no matter what we set out to do with our well-laid fool proof plans…they still go belly up!


When this happens, we won’t sit in the corner rocking with the bottle of room temperature wine in our hands, no! We adapt and make a positive out of the situation, we go down to Starbucks for some ice…or we can make a plan B!


If you don’t laugh, you may cry


Doing the “adult” thing in this day and age has enough stress entailed with it – responsibilities, partners, kids, work & bills – why put more stress on yourself when its not necessary?


So when you do find that positive moment or silver lining in whatever is going on right now,

embrace it – make the most of it!!


Don’t forget to laugh!


“This is good for me, I may not see how just yet but I trust that it is”

Are your beliefs and your way of thinking serving you in a positive way?


It is a choice how you respond to these moments, your choice will determine the direction of the outcome…why not put a positive spin on it?


We have the control on how we let someone or something affect our day.


How well do you listen to the universe?


We don’t need to fear the action of letting go – or the feeling of loss in the moment, we need to trust within ourselves that we are working on our personal growth and we will be coming through the other side back onto our soul-intended path much better and stronger then we were when we were deviating from it.


Acknowledge the feelings & loss, but then like a feather in the wind – let it go.

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