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Miraculous living sounds pretty cool huh 😉 Unfortunately the dreaded “shoulds” kill dreams and keep you small and stuck and frustrated (which is the nice way of putting it)! They aren’t the only things in the way of miraculous living but they are pretty potent if you don’t clear them out!

Getting beyond all the shoulds can be a huge task in itself; I should do this, I should do that, I shouldn’t have to do this, I should have been super successful by now and living on my own private island with a cabana boy bringing me drinks by our private pool and beach…! Or is that just me? Lol.

Delete the shoulds and miraculous living finds it easier to show up – who knew?!?

It’s all the crap we have going on in our heads that gets in the way of us being able to create miracles and magic in our lives, and in this episode, Therese and I share what’s happening for us that is in the zone of miraculous living that they are well on our way to.

Oh and as per normal, we share our 5 tips for how YOU can do the same!

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  • Kim

    You girls rock! Loved the message today. I really needed to hear it. Sparkly glitter filled hugs and kisses on the way to you.

    • Rach Wilson

      Glad we could be the providers of the message you needed to hear, Kim 😀 Sparkly glitter filled hugs and kisses right back <3

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