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Our reward for reaching our goals or milestones, whether it may be money, promotion, soul fulfillment etc, for doing certain types of work can feel obviously rewarding – not always instant but we get the reward at some point…




What happens for those things on our to-do list that don’t involve joy while we get them done or the pay-off feels non-existent or hardly worth the effort?


The Universe just had a huge party throwing out all of those eclipses, we weren’t invited – we had to watch from the other side of the fence, but now we are left to clean up after the party has finished…that’s what the energy feels like at the moment, there is no fun in cleaning up a party that you didn’t even go to!


However, the mundane tasks need to be honored just as much as the magical tasks.


We need to re-frame how we approach these mundane tasks that don’t bring us as much satisfaction or reward. We need to focus on the fact that these tasks are going to lead us to the bigger goal – without this, we would never achieve our goals.


You can’t have the success without the little mundane bits in-between FACT




There will be unavoidable times when there will be no pay-off  for what you might be setting out to tick off of your list, but you need to accept that and move your focus towards your MAIN goal.

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