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There is something going on with the energy lately, have you noticed?


*Mental note: ensure that you spell check and then re-check emails before you send them out…especially if they are for work!


Therese gives us an insight into what is causing the energy anomalies at the moment. The solar flares that are caused by the sun storms thrown off by the sun – the bigger the flare the more impact it has on us.




The plasma wave flows through the universe as a result of these flares, and this is what affects the electromagnetic field on the Earth, which has a flow on effect to our own electromagnetic fields.


The Schumann resonance (foundational to human consciousness) is able to monitor these fluctuations in the frequencies. When the earths fields shift – so do we.


These shifts can affect us in a number of ways including emotionally with mood swings either way, intense energy, physiologically, spiritually and sometimes it can affect us physically.


Give Yourself a Break!


We are in a transition phase right now and it can only move forward from here, don’t give into the resistance of change – you need to listen to your internal guidance, this is just part of the journey that you can build from.

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