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Right now emotionally, things are feeling a bit less then ordinary.


Rach wants to pack it in for the day and curl up with her potato chips and water and Therese explains her feelings of foreboding that she can’t seem to shake after an unusual dream.


in the words of Taylor Swift….    Shake, shake, shake it off!


So, its obviously time to start digging and be real with yourself!


Doubt, Overwhelm, afraid or feeling “off”? It’s all in the energy!


Be prepared for the opportunity to review things coming up


Fear is going to show up for you (when doesn’t it?!) during this time, facing these fears will help you to build your personal power enabling you to get through this stationing.


Take comfort in the fact that if it didn’t matter so much to you, then you wouldn’t feel all of the fears that are attached to it. Resisting facing these fears will only hinder your progress on your journey.


Embrace it, and continue to move forward – stronger & confident.

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