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Have you heard the news?


There is another little (pink) bundle on the way for Rach!




So why are we talking about premonitions and dreams? Maybe you should ask Rach what she ignored and passed off as it was happening to someone else!


Have you had any experience with premonitory dreams?


The universe just knows!


Plans and intentions that you have laid out so well for yourself, so carefully – may not necessarily be the same as what your higher self has in store for you, so be prepared to diverge from your plan a little – but have trust in the diversion.


Therese tells us all about her precognitive dream involving an eight legged furry invader in her bedroom and how she was left with little options to handle the situation….with loo paper and a towel, little did Therese know that she would be facing this situation within 24hrs….creepy crawly bizarre!


Time for wine did you say?!


Now when you go to sleep tonight, try not to think of the furry eight legged creatures as you drift off into the land of nod!


we will not be held responsible for any nightmares or wine consumption, you have been warned! (*nervously laughs into my glass of wine).


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