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Are you “putting it out to the Universe” and not getting back what you think you’re putting out there?  You repeat all the mantras and affirmations for wealth, love or health and you think you’re doing all the “right” things but it still seems like the Universe holds out on you?  That bitch!

The answer is there, it’s just hidden.

I say it’s hidden because often what’s thwarting your very conscious and consistent efforts (well done by the way), is what’s being sent out by your unconscious mind – the part of you that you aren’t consciously aware of and the part of you makes up 90 – 95% of what you’re putting out there!  It kinda fucks things up royally when it’s not on board with your amazing plan!

Hiding away in there are all of your beliefs about who you are, what you “should” or “shouldn’t” do, about what’s possible like being good enough or not (we all know about that little gem), what’s “real”, the associations you’ve made over your entire life between love and you and money and you and love and money etc, and what you learned early on from other people.

The damn unconscious mind has been recording every second of your life and a large amount of your programming was done between 0 – 7 years old… So what attitudes and experiences did you grow up with around money?  Love and relationships?  Around health and fitness?  What you think you think isn’t even what you actually think and isn’t even in your voice half the time, it’s your Mum or Dad, or some other influential source… damn it!

Sooooo, to put it in plain English, if you’re consciously “putting it out there” that you are deserving of copious amounts of love and money, and that is comes to you easily but the unconscious part of you didn’t get that memo, believing instead that “it hard to make money” and “love means being vulnerable to excruciating pain”, guess what is going to happen…

Well for one, you’ll self-sabotage through your actions by not putting yourself out there or overworking to make money and burning out, and then you’ll attract what you believe to be true; less money than you deserve and/or people who hurt you and who are definitely undeserving of your loving amazingness.

So your external world is a really good indicator of what’s going on at an unconscious level, to know what you are actually putting out there by looking at what is coming back to you.  But here’s the kicker…

Your soul/higher self or what I like to call the “Universal You”, has the big picture and the plan and sometimes it happens or unfolds the way it does for an experience of life, whatever that happens to be, because of its desire to reap the benefits from the experience.  The Universal You wants to experience every emotion, the good and “bad”, to enjoy the unfolding of the journey with its highs and lows, because its all a part of the human experience, and is building strengths and abilities through an ongoing evolution of the Human You, on the way to knowing yourself as the Universal You.  It’s kinda like a parent and a child, the child doesn’t always understand why things aren’t going their way and can be a little impatient, but the parent knows… They always know lol!

Did you get all of that?!?  It’s a bit of a mind fuck I know, basically when things don’t go to plan even after you have done everything to reprogram the unconscious part of you, its because your Universal You has its own plan that the Human You can’t control or fuck with… BUT it IS for your ultimate benefit, to get what you’ve been asking for!!!  We constantly get the “TRUST” message when the Universal You is involved.

She/He’s a bitch sometimes like that, hahahaha…

You can believe me or choose not to, we all have that choice lol.  I do have a belief that everything happens for a reason, even if I can’t see it in the moment (or for a few months… or years!!)  So I don’t have the control I like to think I have, none of us do, but we can play in this human experience, altering what’s reflected back at us by using tools and techniques to reprogram what hides in our unconscious mind to see what fucking amazing and mind-blowing results we can bring in, and then trusting in the timing as the Universal Us appears to be fucking with our plans lol.

If you haven’t got one and want a tool to reprogram the unconscious and to dissolve the emotional baggage and crap associations that keep you struggling, stuck or playing small, check out and get equipped with the tools for yourself!  If not this, get something, anything that will do the same job!!!

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