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I sit here this morning having a light bulb moment that I know I need to share.  Having high energy days is something I haven’t had in a while (shock horror!) and as I drink my super healthy green smoothie, I’m realising how much of a funk I’ve been in for a month (ish) but also how different I’m feeling today as a result of re-establishing parts of my routine that I’d let slide, plus adding in the things I kept putting off.  Who knew how important they were?!?!

Yes, even I’m human (damnit!)

As entrepreneurs we have a lot on our plates because we wear multiple hats at the same time as having big visions.  We get caught up in the stuff that “needs” to get done and all the things on our to-do lists that seem never ending, and let’s be honest, it IS never-ending!

But if we don’t have certain things in place, practices and routines to keep us nourished, in flow, efficient and on fire, all that stuff will drown us in overwhelm, frustration, stress, struggle, strain and couch and doona days…

I’ve had a full on 3 months and for the last month I’ve been trying to “catch up” but not as successfully as I would have liked and in the last week found myself feeling despondent, lost, with some fear and anxiety also joining the party.

At the same time, I’ve been recovering from adrenal fatigue but didn’t do myself any favours by indulging in lots of chocolate over Easter and comfort foods while “on holidays”.  I had stopped meditating while my husband was off sick for 11 days and my regular routine was non-existent.

I hadn’t been doing any exercise because I was too tired to do anything and spent quite a lot of time on the couch watching episodes of my favourite shows and movies, particularly while my girls were off school when my body really crashed.  Not really having any high energy days but I was getting some much needed rest!

So this week I’m “back to work” and determined to find my on-fire, inspired, productive self again and it took until this morning for me to work out what I needed to be doing to get there and this is what I’m sharing here.

Creating consistent high energy days:

  1.  Inner work!  I spent 10 minutes tuning into my emotional and mental state, then using my Source4Shift ™ Technique, I cleared some emotions and beliefs that were weighing me down.  I hadn’t done any of this in weeks and it made me realise just how important it is to do this kind of work regularly, to keep my emotional and mental state high on a daily basis.
  2. Meditation and connection.  Taking 30 – 60 ish minutes first thing in the morning (usually after I have my fresh lemon water to detox and support my body), to cleanse, clear, ground and activate my energy.  I start by taking 12 slow and deep breathes that I purposely breathe all the way out and all the way in to oxygenate my body (as well as triggering the other benefits of deep breathing).  I use this time to connect with my Team in Spirit, to ask for help, signs or to share what I’m struggling with.  I connect and visualise all the items on my vision board and send energy to them to manifest in my physical world.  I connect with the energy of my business, events and my technique and ask it what they needs from me to achieve our goals together and I take note of my instructions.  I also add energy to it and ask them to connect to our ideal clients, participants and partners for them too, to remind myself that I’m not doing this alone and I also don’t own any of them, this helps massively with feeling more ease and grace which translates to the business miraculously attracting people.  Yeah, see what I did there?  I took a heap of the burden off myself 😉
  3. Exercise and stretching.  I’m re-introducing exercise in small pieces because my old pattern is to overdo it and burn out worse.  I did a few minutes on a rebounder, a few body weight exercises that worked big groups of muscles all together, then spent 20 minutes stretching while breathing slow and deep to move the energy around my body.  Stretching helps release stagnant emotions, mental blocks and increases physical energy which most people overlook.  Even just 5 minutes of stretching when you’re stuck or feeling crap can make a difference!
  4. Healthy Food and lots of water. I stopped having my daily green smoothie, I had maybe 3 in 4 weeks and noticed a big drop in my energy, well that coupled with more chocolate, wafer biscuits and microwave meals (all yummy but not great for energy).  Granted I was too tired to cook but that diet was going to keep me in that space of too tired for longer.  I like the 80/20 rule, 80% healthy foods, 20% not so much but if I really want it, I eat it 🙂  It doesn’t have to be so rigid or stressful to get healthy.  Oh and switching to as much organic food as possible, big plus!  It’s worth the investment.
  5. Weekly Juice Fast Day.  I did this yesterday and wow, what a difference it made to today.  I had read about the health benefits (multiple times) of having just one juice fast day a week ongoing as opposed to the big massive and extreme weeks of fasting a few times a year (if that!) and decided to give it a go.  It was just what I needed to kick off my week and help get me back into my healthy habits which all give me vibrant energy, mental clarity, emotional stability to be give myself the absolute best chance of hitting my business goals and enjoying life in the process!  Oh and it’s supporting my body in recovering from burn out too, bonus!
  6. Quality sleep and regular time out.  Going to bed early when I need it, sleeping in a bit longer when I need it, having short naps during the day when I need them, make a huge difference!  I have also reworked my schedule to make time to relax and replenish my energy periodically.  During those times I put the phone and the computer away and either go for a walk if I have the energy or do a mini meditation where I breathe and talk to my Team in Spirit, or I lay down and watch an episode of something to get out of the adrenaline state, which many of us entrepreneurs spend copious amounts of time in.  I don’t book more than 5 hours of my day anymore so I have flexibility to work more or not, and I make Friday’s a recovery day before the weekend with my family.  This is how you “balance” your life.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but don’t just read this and say “I should really do <xyz>” because your business can’t thrive if you aren’t thriving.  You can’t put energy into your business that doesn’t exist in you first, having burned out multiple times now, I’m very aware of how your health impacts your business success.

And before you get all “but you keep burning out so clearly you haven’t mastered this”, part of my burn out stems from a physical issue where my body hasn’t been able to completely absorb critical vitamins and minerals from my food (or the supplements I was taking), for energy production or detoxification.  I only found this out in the last few months.  I am now working with a naturopath and taking specially formulated tonics, vitamins and minerals to reverse the damage done after all these years.  I highly recommend having this kind of support!

High energy days are not a luxury, they are necessary!

The key here is not to make lots of big changes but to start adding them in slowly.  If you don’t meditate currently, start with 15 mins a day for a week, then extend it to 20 minutes.  If you don’t currently exercise, start with 5 minutes even if it’s just dancing around your house, anything that has your heart rate up and you are moving!  Slowly increase it as the weeks roll on and start adding in the other things you know you need, to have high energy days.  Doing it this way will ensure you will keep up the healthy habits rather than go all out for a few days and stop because it’s too hard.

So the takeaway from this?

Your daily practices and routines around your own health and well-being on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level (all 4 intelligences), should be your number one priority!

THEN your work because the quality of your work, the level of success you can achieve are both reliant on how vibrant and healthy you are 🙂

Comment below; what are you going to take action on implementing today?  What ah-ha did you get reading this?  What has been missing from your daily practice?  Or what practices do already do that keep your energy high?  Let’s share and collaborate!

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