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“What’s your purpose?” Argh, such a loaded question, isn’t it?  This article may or may not help you but it’s part of my purpose to give it a damn good shot at helping you work it out! Lol.

What is purpose and how do you know when you’re living it anyway?

Well, for me (and this is totally just my opinion) it’s doing something that fulfils you and fuels on so many levels, that you could do for hours and get lost in, that you would easily do regardless of if someone was paying you to do it or not!   Although being paid to do it is an extra awesome bonus that so many people, myself included, aim to do!

But here’s where people get caught up – your purpose is not a job title.

It’s not that narrow a focus, although when you ask some people they’ll say being a lawyer or a doctor is their purpose… It’s actually not, those job titles are just the vehicles with which they have chosen to fulfil their purpose.  When you dig deeper, you find the real evidence of their true purpose.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t my purpose.

Being a teacher isn’t my purpose.

Being a coach or a mentor isn’t my purpose.

But they are the vehicles I’ve chosen to live my purpose as a healer, a creator because creativity is what fuels my soul, a teacher and mentor since sharing what I know with others are also part of my purpose.  I know they are because when I do any one of them, it makes me feel good!  I can tick all these boxes in the various parts of our business, which is partly why I wear so many hats 🙂

Our purpose is more abstract than anything…

Then it’s up to us to find the vehicles that align with our purpose to feel like we’re living it.  So think about what things you love doing and then ask “why do I enjoy that?”  and/or “what do I get out of doing that?” or “why is that important to me?” to get down to the couple of core reasons you do what you do, or want to do what you want to do.

Here is another myth – you do not need to make your purpose into your income.

While we like to do that so you “never work another day in your life”, for some people the income is taken care of through some other avenue that then funds being able to enjoy the activities that are aligned with purpose.

Not everyone who is a creative at heart, needs to sell their art/creations.  Not everyone who wants to just help and care for others less advantaged needs to work in that field.  The key is finding an income stream that you enjoy or don’t mind doing and get your purpose fulfilment on the side.  It’s not as kinky as it sounds and people who do this successfully can also see that the purpose of their income stream (aka job) is allowing them the freedom to live their purpose so it has purpose both ways.

When you take the burden off your purpose having to be the thing that meets all your financial and survival needs, you give it life. 

It also doesn’t mean you can’t make your purpose into your income, but the key is being really good at staying in the space of being grateful for how you are living your purpose regardless of how much it brings in; being able to separate it from a “need to make money”, which will fuck up your manifesting and your ability to “succeed” with it every time.  Make sense?

Living your purpose, relaxed like!Living your purpose doesn’t have to be a big grandiose gesture of changing the world or doing something for others less fortunate. Your purpose can be very self-serving such as “living in freedom” or “experiencing abundance”.  There is no authoritarian entity judging your purpose as being “good” or “bad”, it’s purely what makes you feel good and alive! I know for me, a lot of my purpose is linked to my family and personal experiences even though I’m also living it by helping others in the world.

Oh hey, and guess what?!?!  Your purpose can change!!

Yes indeedy 😀 Just enjoy what it is today and know that its completely ok to change later.  It’s not like being in high school where they say… I mean, “encourage” you to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life and then stick with it… I don’t even need to say anything else on that point lol.

There is also another set of thoughts around this whole purpose thing, which I also like, is that ultimately our purpose as human beings is to just experience. 

Starting with the belief that we are spiritual beings here to have a human experience, it’s completely possible that our purpose is simply just experiencing everything and anything we can!  Allowing ourselves to follow that internal heart/soul compass leading us to things that will give us joy and expansion and growth!  We’ve talked about how growth and expansion aren’t always fun and joyful experiences but they do tend to lead us to something way more awesome.

So to wrap it up before hell freezes over, your purpose is a lot simpler but more abstract than most people realise.  It’s not a job title but a job might help you live your purpose so be open to looking at how you are already living your purpose in what you do, or look at what you can add something to your life to fuel and fulfil you, because you can!

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