Interview with Michelle Reinhardt – How the Personal Development Industry is Failing People

Entrepreneurs Globally Unite Podcast – November 2016

Blab Interview Dec 2015 – Small Business Chat with Lakisha and Rach!

Lakisha and Rach Dec2015It was 2am for Rach (talk about committed, kickass and insane!), the topic was “Mindset & Money Blocks” and Rach not only talked about how to create a success and abundant mindset (which everyone wanted to know) but also how to transform old crappy beliefs which keep people stuck and making no money in their business.

They talked about what success really is and how many are aiming for the wrong things and therefore never hit the motherload of happiness and abundance that they are trying so hard to get to… Rach also shared more about what the 4 Intelligences and even gave away a new process that hadn’t been released yet!  Therese is going to spank her with sparkles for sure!

With a couple of minor technical hitches in the beginning, we promise it gets better and has some real gold and practical stuff in it!  To check it out, CLICK HERE!


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