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We all know that consistency is key, so when it comes to motivation – it is no different. Staying consistent will help to create the momentum that will increase massively, leading you to your dream sooner!

Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished…simple as that, right? It happens to the best of us!

Burnout is due to the prolonged period of stress and frustration, it causes physical and emotional exhaustion. This is particularly apt for the Type A personalities who are your typical entrepreneurs. The burnout is a result of not knowing how to work with the flow of energy and your body – as well as the trust within yourself and your business.

No Connected Purpose when your heart isn’t really in it, who are you doing all of this for, really?   When you are lacking the soul & heart in what you are doing, you won’t be able to maintain the momentum for the motivation.

Not only will the above 3 points kill your sparkly mojo, but they will severely slow any progress that you make for your business…that is why you are reading this now though, right?

It’s time to get some OOMPH back into your biz!

So, are you asking “What can I do to get consistent motivation so I can have massive momentum?”

  • Have a plan! Don’t go large scale just yet – let’s start with bite-size do-able plans, start planning out your week then break it down into days & spread it out. This way, you always know where to start and you aren’t wasting time procrastinating!
  • When procrastination bites: Draw up a two-column table, on one side list all of the pain of NOT doing the action (consequences!), then on the other side, list all of the rewards of what WILL come in by taking the action now (the awesome stuff!).
  • Create a productivity & rejuvenation work pattern: So, you have worked hard to get the business this far (yay!) let’s make it go the distance! For that, you need to be able to endure what it takes to get there – and it isn’t always going to be easy, without taking the shortcuts. Implementation of this pattern will help you to avoid the burnout, keeping your body & mind well rested!
  • Know Your WHY! Why are you doing this? What do YOU get out of this? What do you want to provide for your family? What impact do you want to make? Money is not the be all end all, it won’t keep you motivated solely so let’s look a little deeper…WHY do you want to have the money? What will the money give you?

Can you identify if it is the freedom that it will provide you, the choices that it can open up for you or is it the experiences that you can do with the money?

You need to keep these reasons close by in front of you, so in the moments that procrastination catches you when you are resisting the action necessary, you are reminded WHY!

You need massive momentum to keep you moving forward & thriving

Working on your mind-set to begin with then strategies…as the strategies will only have the impact required if your mind-set is where it needs to be. When you are ready to add a bit more OOMPH, we can then get into some master manifesting.

Energy and intention are vital to massive momentum with the least amount of effort.

There is a root cause as to why you feel like you are stuck or stalling, you need to start looking inwards to everything we have mentioned above – it all leads back to your mind-set. If you aren’t sure  or are struggling to change it, reach out to me or someone similar to me to help to get you going again. Everything else will begin to fall into place and start running as it should once YOU – the core of your entire business is programmed for success.


BIO – Rach helps entrepreneurs master their mind-set and engage business energetics to build aUniverse-assisted business that is soul connected and intuitively guided so it takes less effort and time to succeed!

A Master Mind-set Coach, Business Mentor, and Spiritual Guide all in one, her approach is unique and extremely powerful because it blends energy and strategy to achieve results easier. Together with her business partner Therese, who is a Psychic Medium, Channel and Intuitive Artist, they have created their Success Circle Membership where you can receive coaching and psychic guidance for a fraction of the cost of private sessions with either of them, to help you build your thriving business with epic and divine, ease and grace. Get your free report on ͞How to Double Your Income and Create a Business You Love here


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