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“Old friend, overwhelm… here we are again”


The all to familiar self-sabotaging feeling state that I know all too well.

A feeling that can keep any entrepreneur stuck and stagnant in their business and can make their pathway to success so much longer then it needs to be.

It happens often when you are a one-man show who is responsible for EVERY single detail of the business and this includes the stuff that isn’t so fun to deal with, interesting or easy.

It also happens when there is “so much to learn” and with this you realize that the success of your business depends on you “knowing all the things” that you currently don’t know yet.

To compound the problem, throw in the fact that your business needed to be showing you the money as of yesterday, and what do you get?



When this happens, you will want to give in to the feeling and curl up into the corner & cry, or possibly even fall to your knees and pray to your Fairy Godmother or beg the Universe to “fix” this for you…NOW!

If only there was a magic pill or spell to cast with the wave of a wand to do this, unfortunately for us, there is no such luck.

So let me share what has helped me get out from underneath the Mount Everest of overwhelm to keep moving forward in my business and life and finally start achieving the success I was worried, I’d never experience!

  • Give yourself permission to crumble under the weight of the overwhelming task of succeeding. Honestly, let yourself cry, pray, feel all the feels of where you’re at for a short period of time, rant out loud or write down how fucking hard it is and how crap it is making you feel… And then once you’ve released or vented that, time to put your big girl pants on and start working on something, even if It’s just a to-do list.  Anything because it’s all progress.


  • Recognise how far you have already come! This is actually important because when you focus on the mountain of stuff you need to do, it’s overwhelming and it’s the feeling, not the reality, that’s keeping you stuck.  So, switch the focus; focus on how far you’ve come so you can tune into feeling successful already (because you are, there are a lot of people who wouldn’t dare to leave their comfort zones to start a business so kudos to you!). Feeling successful and feeling good open up your energy and mind to seeing solutions, coming up with inspired ideas and a natural motivation to get something done.


  • Chunk. It. Down. It feels overwhelming because when you look at the end goal, there is so much on the to do list to get there and there is so much to know to totally rock it and get there faster. First, brain dump everything onto a piece of paper, everything you think you have to do and everything you think you have to learn or master to get there. Second, go through the list and prioritise it based on what will lead to income first. Hint: You don’t need a website, professional photos, logo or a snazzy business card to make money, you need a service or a product, a way to connect with potential clients/customers and a way to accept payment. Everything else can go further down the list. Third, have smaller goals for this quarter, this month and this week, and decide what little steps you can take each day that is heading towards them.  Get focused on just the tasks that need to be done that day and let the big end goal be there but not the main focus.  Make it easier on yourself if nothing else, just start on something, anything, it’s all still progress!


  • OUTSOURCE! OMG, this is the best thing I ever did… There are a lot of things in your business that you don’t personally have to do, and you don’t have to pay huge amounts to get it done either!  I pay my video editing guy $6 an hour to edit and brand our podcasts and masterclasses. Upwork or other sites for freelancers or Virtual Assistants, they are super helpful to free you up so you can focus on the work that leads to income which you can’t give to anyone else.


  • Give yourself more time than you think you need when you plan your business goals. It’s the time factor that intensifies overwhelm. So, stay in a job longer or give yourself double the time to create the marketing, product or course material.  So many clients and entrepreneurs I know underestimate how long it will take to do these things and then because life, partners, kids, families etc, also want your attention and time, it then becomes crunch time and let me tell you, being stressed is not how you get out of overwhelm!  So make it easier for yourself, give yourself more time and buffers so inner peace and success can thrive!

If you do get really stuck in the overwhelm, it can help to reach out to friends who may be good at planning and organizing . You can even connect with some local community groups of like-minded entrepreneurs who you can find some support and encouragement in. If you can look at it like they are there to lift you up onto their life raft so that you can keep your head above the water (aka overwhelm) and keep you going further along into success.

One last thing…

At the end of the day, you’re here.  You’re doing what many don’t have the guts to even try to do. Know that we all stumble along the way, but persistence is what will get you there. Never give up, always find a way to keep moving forward and find a tribe that can help you do that.



Rach helps entrepreneurs master their mind-set and engage business energetics to build a Universe-assisted business that is soul connected and intuitively guided so it takes less effort and time to succeed!

A Master Mind-set Coach, Business Mentor, and Spiritual Guide all in one, her approach is unique and extremely powerful because it blends energy and strategy to achieve results easier.

Together with her business partner Therese, who is a Psychic Medium, Channel and Intuitive Artist, they have created their Success Circle Membership where you can receive coaching and psychic guidance for a fraction of the cost of private sessions with either of them, to help you build your thriving business with epic and divine, ease and grace.

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