Spirit Circle Live – Double


This ticket includes both Spirit Circle live events (full moon and new moon) in the month PLUS the recordings.  Calls are 90 minutes long and include a psychic Q&A session at the end where you can get guidance and insights.  See product description below for more details.

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This ticket includes both Spirit Circle live events (full moon and new moon) PLUS the recordings.

Spirit Circles are a unique and kick ass way to connect with Spirit using the natural heightened energy of the lunar and planetary cycles, to boost our efforts, to help strengthen your spiritual connection, receive guidance and turbo boost your manifesting power, why?  To make life and business a heap easier of course lol.

Therese (guided by our Team in Spirit) takes you on a journey release what no longer serves you during full moon Spirit Circles in preparation for the new moon Spirit Circle where the energy is all about harvesting; reaping the rewards and calling in your manifestations!

During the live 90 minute teleconference call Therese shares what’s coming up in the energies of that particular moon so you know what to watch out for making it easier to work with it instead of get whacked by it!  You’ll also get a chance to use Rach’s Source4Shift ® Technique to release and clear a belief or 2 and program in something kickass to move you forward, before Therese takes everyone on a guided journey into the transformational moon energy.

At the end of the call, those who are live get to hang out with Rach and Therese for about 30 minutes for psychic Q&A; anyone can ask a question and get psychic guidance and insights on the spot!

To find out more about the Spirit Circles, CLICK HERE!


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