Success Circle Gold Membership

$88.00 $44.00 / month

Monthly member access at the Gold level where the MP3’s are streamable but not downloadable each month.

For more information, see the Product Description below.

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Monthly member access at the Gold level where the MP3’s are streamable but not downloadable each month.

The membership includes:

  • Secret Facebook group access to connect with your Success Circle Tribe, ongoing for as long as you remain a member with opportunities to collaborate with others and impromptu videos teaching relevant to what’s happening right now  (not sure how to value this one but it’s priceless if you use it)
  • Live Mastermind Sessions with Rach and Therese where you can bring your latest challenge or block and get psychic insights and/or coaching and strategies to get you moving forward quickly (value $200 – based on 15 minutes of our time each)
  • A Masterclass with a new topic each month, focused on the developing your intuitive skills or clearing out the mental and emotional crap that is getting in the way of your success, and also developing your connection and relationship with your Team in spirit (value $97 and available in our store)
  • An Implementation and Integration PDF because as we know, learning and knowing something is one thing, the true transformation comes when you actually implement and integrate it!  So we’ve made it really easy…
  • Spirit Circles – both the new moon and full moon events where we connect with the moon energy to release what’s not serving us anymore or enhance our manifesting efforts (value $54 and available as individual events to purchase @$27 each)
  • A selection of MP3’s and right brain exercises to get you more balanced and in the zone! (value… Well, somewhere between $20 and $50 ish, mostly available in our store but sometimes it’s just for you)
  • 10% off all products and online trainings, you are our VIP’s after all 😉
  • REGULAR BONUS:  A Masterclass taught by one of our trusted experts to help with your business success (value $97 and will be available in our store)

TOTAL VALUE (approximately of course and not including the priceless value of the community Facebook group or the cumulative savings using your discount code soooooo, it’s more than this number): 

VALUE = $468 + per month (but this is not what you’ll pay)

Until the 31st of October you can join as a FOUNDATION VIP MEMBER get access for

50% off the monthly subscription!

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