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Here is everything you’ll need to do a Quick Life Review Process:


And important part of success is Tracking.


The idea is a simple one – figure out where you are going by tracking where you have been.


In this post I’m going to be talking about a specific type of tracking – Life tracking, that we will be doing in the form of a Life Review.

(BTW, There are many kickass business coaches out there who offer ways to track different parts of your business. Just look up “business tracking” and you find oodles of free information!)

This technique is an awesome one to use when you are trying to turn around a negative belief. It’s even more powerful when you couple it with a process for digging up beliefs that block you from your best life. Using a process like Source 4 Shift will help you to shine a light on those beliefs and start reprogramming them on the cellular level.

Grab a notebook and let’s do this!

How to do a quick Life Review:

  • Write down everything that is happening in your life at the current moment: where you live; what you do for money; what you are working on that excites you; what car you drive (if applicable), if you have a relationship; if you have a family; any trips you’ve taken; what exercise program you are working on; etc. Take a look at the whole year so far and write down anything that is coming up for you. It doesn’t need to be extraordinary to write it down, even the mundane is important for this exercise. The more you write down the more potent this exercise will be.
  • Review your list: take a good look at all the things that have happened to you recently. If you feel the urge to add to it or clarify do so.
  • Now, imagine you can go back into the past one year earlier and have coffee with yourself. Imagine telling past you about all that is happening in your life right now. How is You from One Year Ago reacting? Is that version of you surprised, amazed, excited, happy? Or are there other feelings coming up? Write down how You from One Year Ago reacts to present you.
  • Go back even farther: try visiting with versions of yourself from 5 years ago, even 10 years ago. You are going to see that by tracking your life, and only comparing you to you, you’ve created quite a bit of momentum in your life.

You will see that your success already has forward momentum.

Being able to bounce your current trajectory off of something, like your past, will give you true clarity of where you are actually at, and with this new clarity you’ll be able to see where you want to create improvements and make decisions based off of those metrics.

If you found this process help and want to learn more ways to dig into your personal success you should check out our Success Circle Membership. Our kickass community is designed to help you shift your mindset and master your success.

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