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We all know this is a must for a successful year ahead but honestly I’m one of group of busy ladypreneurs so I don’t have time to spend hours on defining my goals and doing a new vision board every year.  We all know we “should” do it so manifesting what we want is waaaaaay more likely to actually happen… Right?

There have been years where I intend to do a vision board that doesn’t get done for the first 3 – 6 months which means I don’t actively manifest stuff… Seriously, you’d think I’d put more of a priority on something that increases the speed of getting what I want!

So here is a brief process to help you get this done and dusted in an hour or less so you are READY for the year ahead as of now 😀

Busy Ladypreneurs, we have a solution for you:

  1. Decide what you want to feel or do more of.  This could be happiness, love, fulfillment etc.  I chose “fun, ease and grace” because having those will instantly increase my happiness, love and fulfillment!  Keep it simple, pick 2 – 5 which will become your themes for the year.
  2. Decide what attributes you really want to embody this year.  For me it was trust and balance.  Trusting in myself, trusting in my team in spirit, trusting in the flow of life while making sure I balance out the busyness with the R&R (something I haven’t done well so far, but this year is the year to master it!!!)
  3. Pick 3 – 5 things you want to accomplish this year.  Make them bigish goals so writing my next book and increasing my income to $15k + per month are on the list!  Know that you will achieve more than these or you may just find yourself part way to achieving these by the end of the year, it doesn’t matter!
  4. Decide what you want to master or improve.  I know for me that I really need to master how to focus so that I can produce and create much more with the time I have available.  Too much ADD last year and chasing my tail blah.  And I am also mastering trust because I know it’s the cornerstone to everything including manifesting what I want!
  5. Decide on your WHY.  Why do you want those things?  Your why will keep you motivated and continually taking action.  Right now part of my big why is to create the opportunity for my husband to be a stay-at-home Dad, it’s his dream and I would love to do that for him… Plus he’d work with me part time so yay!  Double bonus.

Right, now here is the easy and cool part for you busy Ladypreneurs.

Once you have those (and note, you don’t have to have them PERFECT, just get them down because you can always add or change them later!) get yourself the following:

  • A stack of coloured pieces of paper or Postik notes (or you can use white paper squares and coloured texta’s, whatever you want)
  • Texta’s – black is easiest for coloured pieces of paper
  • Blutack or similar if you didn’t opt for Postik notes!

Now put every single one of those items on a piece of paper.  You can even colour code them, I made my major themes all purple and everything else different colours.

Having the words is just a trigger for you to create the images in your head, if you’re more visual and need images to trigger you, by all means replace the words with the images when you find them but for now, just get it done so you can use it!

How to use it:

Goal Setting for Busy LadypreneursPick a wall you see daily.  I used my bedroom wall because I tend to mediate from my bed, and stick them up!  See my picture?  Done in less than an hour and now I have the prompts for me to work with when I actively energise my “manifesting wall” along with visualising what that experience will look and feel like.

I do this when I meditate each day, it takes less than 10 minutes if I really want to fast track it but I tend to do 20 mins, 30 – 60 seconds on each item at least.  I do other stuff when I mediate too but I’ll share more of that another time, more solutions for busy ladypreneurs.

Also, once you have your themes and mastery items, they should be a part of your every day focus, not just your morning and afternoon.  Therese and I are creating a planner so we build it into each task and moment.  My theme being trust, I get to ask myself check in questions so I can tell if I’m going in the right direction – “Am I trusting here?”  or  “where am I not trusting?” so I can re-adjust, therefore cementing in a new way of BEing like I intended for the year.

We’ll cover more about these re-programming techniques in another post or masterclass.

Why this is better for busy Ladypreneurs:

I love vision boards but the thought of having to go buy a bunch of magazines I won’t need or read, then taking the time to find the right images which never match my head, cut them all out and arrange them somehow (the perfectionist in me really slows this down) and then find out that 6 months down the track I want to make a change but it’s all too damn hard to do it again.

This way you can just take down the note that you want to change (particularly if you are taking it down because you achieved it!!!)  You can see clearly what you are working towards every day and as we know, it’s that clear focus and daily connection to it which ignites the unseen Universe to do it’s thing… Line it up baby!  Bring it on!

Quick.  Easy.  Done!

I’ve showed you mine, now show us yours 😉  *manifesting wall that is*

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