Transformational Coaching and Healing:

It doesn’t matter what you need to change in your life, you can pick a package focus or just pick a package from below.

How Rach’s sessions work:

skype-icon 150Rach does the bulk of her coaching and mentoring via phone or Skype and works with people all over the world.  The investment cost is in your local currency so no client is disadvantaged; the value of her services is the same for all no matter where they live and all packages have payment plan options with a bonus if paid in full.

She will call you at the agreed upon time, most sessions are done during normal working hours but when absolutely necessary, evenings or weekends can be arranged.  She is found in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra (Australia) regularly for those who want to meet with her in

Coaching sessions can be singular or in a package for extra value but single sessions are not encouraged as true transformation happens over time.

Sessions numbers and session hours never expire, the you just use what you need when you need them and keep the rest until next time so some sessions may only be 30 mins because that’s all you need to use, others will be 90 mins.  Rach doesn’t believe in drawing things out to make it an even hour, you only use what you need.

The packages are flexible and payment plans are negotiated with each individual person.  There is always a way to get the help you need while honouring the related investment, just ask.

BEFORE YOU COMMIT TO ANYTHING – you get to do a complimentary call with Rach to talk about your particular situation and then she’ll recommend a few things you can try straight away, plus what package might suite IF she feels you and her are a good match to work together.  She won’t work with everyone…

Check out Rach’s coaching packages and rates HERE

If you’d like to explore the idea of working with Rach to evolve yourself, dissolve your blocks to money, success or love, attract an amazing relationship or evolve your currently relationship into a space or love, harmony and passion, then fill out the form below to book in for a complimentary call 🙂

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