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Rach uses a mixture of her personally developed technique for rapid change and healing (Source4Shift) and where necessary, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Theta Healing, Energy Healing and Shadow Work guided by her well developed intuition to do deep level transformational healing and dissolving of emotional blocks such as fear, guilt and frustration.

And with 9+ years as an entrepreneur and in regular connection with her team in spirit, she’s picked up a few things along the way like numerous ways that don’t work but now she’s finding what works brilliantly and she shares that with her entrepreneurial clients.

Oh and brainstorming new packages, products and ways to blend ones skills and passions together is one of her natural superpowers!  She’s pretty talented on top of experienced!

To read more about her history and all that boring stuff, read her About Rach page, and to check out what other people have said about working with her, check out her Testimonials page.

Coaching Packages:

IMPORTANT:  Rach does not take on every person who wants to coach with her, everyone must book in for a free Unlock Success Call to explore needs and for her to intuitively assess whether she is the best coach for you and you are aligned and ready to be her client, for your goals to be achieved.

Hourly rate for casual sessions: $400 per hour

Typical transformational healing sessions now using the Source4Shift technique take 45-60 mins, unless it’s a deeply emotional issue in which case it can take 90 mins (hence why 6 month packages are better because we can be fluid with the times).

You can do one off sessions but true long term, transformational change is unlikely to be achieved however, they can assist greatly in dissolving the most pressing issue at the time.

Package 1 – 6 months:

This package is best for mentoring, strategy, coaching and guidance more than healing because the sessions generally aren’t long enough.

  1. 2 x 30 min sessions per month
  2. Email coaching in between sessions
  3. 1 x 10 – 15 min Crisis call allowed per month for those moments of  “I need HELP!”

Value:  $800 per month – Cost $400 per month

Package 2 – 6 months:

This package is perfect for people who want deeper healing and transformation and/or accelerated success in business/life, spiritual expansion and guidance.

  1. 4 x 30 min sessions per month for strategy and mentoring or 2 x 60 min sessions for healing and transformation
  2. Email coaching in between sessions
  3. 2 x 10 – 15 min Crisis call allowed per month for those moments of  “I need HELP!”

Value:  $1200 per month – Cost $900 per month

Package 3 – Intense 2 Day Breakthrough and Mentoring:

This is for those who are not able to do the ongoing regular sessions or prefer the full immersion style personal development for accelerated business or relationships success, spiritual expansion and personal power breakthroughs.

  1. 2 Full days of private, one on one coaching, healing, teaching and mentoring
  2. Ongoing email coaching for 60 days
  3. 2 x 60 min troubleshooting and integration calls post Breakthrough days 30 days apart
  4. 2 x 10 – 15 min crisis calls during the 60 post breakthrough days

Value $7400 – Cost $5497

Block of Hours

This is an easy way to use the time more fluidly and as needed, and focused on whatever you need most on that day whether it’s healing, coaching, mentoring, spiritual guidance or expansion, relationships, business strategy or a mixture of all of them:

  1. 5 hours – $1750 (savings of $250)
  2. 8 hours – $2800 (savings of $400)
  3. 10 hours – $3500 (savings of $500)

These are paid for in full and up front with a 12 month expiration time so you use them.

For more affordable ways to be coached, taught or supported by Rach, check out the Masterclasses.

Either way, book in for a free Unlock Success Call and chat with Rach about what you are struggling with and see if she is able to help you 🙂

If you’d like to read what others have to say about working with Rach – CHECK OUT HER TESTIMONIALS


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