Psychic/Intuitive Channeling and Medium sessions with Therese are perfect for when you want some divine guidance!

You can use these to receive information about your direction, major decisions you are trying to make, or extra information about situations regarding loved ones.

Therese really loves helping you connect with your own Team in Spirit so you no longer have to rely on someone else to make that connection for you.

Her goal is to help you gain clarity, inner peace and get energized for what you do next.  Here are some of the areas Therese can tune into and gets information on:

  • Finances & money
  • Career & life path
  • Love & relationships
  • Animal communication (living & past)
  • Channeled messages from loved ones who have passed over
  • Connection to your personal angels & guides
  • Numerology & energy healing

How to Choose the perfect Session for your needs:

Divination Sessions:  This basically a mini-reading which is perfect for a straight-forward quick question or 2.  A Divination Reading or if you would like to try Therese’s services before you commit to a bigger session.

Sessions Include:
+ A Divination Reading using either tarot, numerology,or a pendulum (many times all 3)
+ Channeled Information from your Spirit Team
+ A Reading Worksheet for you to keep track of all the information you receive

Psychic Coaching Session:  This session is perfect for those who wish to do some deep digging and get an Aligned Action Strategy to move forward with confidence and ease.

Sessions Include:
+ A Chakra Reading + Energetic Healing Session
+ A Divination Reading using either tarot, numerology, a pendulum (many times all 3)
+ Channeled Information from your Spirit Team
+ Intuitive Coaching
+ A Reading Worksheet for you to keep track of all the information you receive

Mediumship Session: If you’d like to communicate with others, such as animals or those who have passed over, this session is recommended.

Sessions Include:
+ A Chakra Reading + Energetic Healing Session
+ A Divination Reading using either tarot, numerology, a pendulum (many times all 3)
+ Channeled Information from your Spirit Team
+ Intuitive Coaching
+ A Reading Worksheet for you to keep track of all the information you receive
+ Communications with the Spirit World or Animals
+ Telepathic Communications with living loved ones


Therese is really good at getting right to the heart of it all quickly so if you have only have one area of your life to address a Divination Session is often enough.

If you want to connect with people who have passed over or have multiple areas you want guidance on, Psychic Coaching or Mediumship Sessions are recommended.

Session options:

Divination Sessions (15 minutes) – $85 USD

Psychic Coaching Sessions (30 to 60 minutes) – $200 USD

Mediumship Sessions (60 to 90 minutes)- $400 USD

Reading Options

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Important to Note:

Payment is due prior to booking the session.  As soon as the payment has been made you will be taken to her scheduler to book your session.  Use the CONTACT US form to connect with Therese and book a session.

NOTE:  Therese is in Seattle, Washington, USA (just in case you’re wondering why her scheduler has her open at stupid o’clock for you).

Disclaimer:  No psychic can be considered 100% accurate, therefore readings are for entertainment purposes only.  You must be at least 18 years of age.  Currently all reading payments are processed through PayPal.  Session must be paid in full before reading.


“Getting a reading from Therese is like getting a doss of life-giving truth juice. She’s a spiritual director of sorts,  like talking to your best friend and a wise sage of the Old World all at the same time. She hits home with the skill of a spiritual surgeon, with the best bedside manner around and I come away from her sessions feeling lighter, focused, cleansed, joyful. She helped me change my perspective to one of anxious self-doubt to one of excited anticipation for what the universe was bringing to me. I love every second of talking with her. She’s worth every penny.”

Jennie S. Seattle, WA

“I was absolutely blown away in my first reading with Therese.  She was able to not only completely dial into my situation, but to read the people and energies surrounding it.  She impressed me by noting details that only I knew about my situation and relationships.  I’ve always enjoyed readings from as far back as I remember, but Therese was the first to actually mine the details and be SPOT ON with not only what was happening in the situation.  With these details, I was able to see things more clearly, make powerful decisions and ultimately have powerful results occur in my life.  Therese is the real deal.  She has such a beautiful gift!”

Jessica N.  California, USA

“I reached out to Therese to help me let go of a relationship that was causing me pain, and taking up precious space in my mind. When we spoke, she suggested she speak to this other person’s spirit. This seemed like a crazy idea to me, but what could it hurt? My eyes filled with tears as she came to me with responses that could only come from that person’s mind or mouth. She helped me get the closure I needed to let go,  Then, she walked me through an exercise where I visualized the cutting of the cord that kept me tied to that relationship. Since that conversation, I have felt more at peace than I have in many months. And, I believe that peace has been communicated to the person I was attached to, as well as the other loved ones I have in my life. If I find myself drawn back to an old way of thinking, I go back to the images she gave me in the visualization, and again there is peace. I am so grateful for Therese’s gifts, and that she could use them to help me find a way out of that pain.”


“Being an intuitive, I find it very imperative and valuable to reach out to other intuitives and receive readings from them. Yes, psychics get psychic readings too. I had the most amazing session with Therese! The information that she receives and translates back to you is beyond valuable. She pinpointed my fears and was able to walk me through a certain situation with ease and confidence. She did so in such a loving and sisterly way. I highly trust the information that Therese receives. She was even able to see in detail the yoga studio that I practice in! I had goosebumps the whole time. That’s how spot on she was. Our sessions together have by far been the most valuable out of any other reading that I have had with others.”

Cindy McCarty, Hawaii

“During my recent birthday , I had a reading done by Therese , little did I know that what I had been contemplating  as a move in my personal life , was going to be brought up by her during the reading.  It left me speechless, there was no way for her to have known what was going on in my mind days before.  Her intuition is undeniable and so is her accuracy in connecting with the person, bringing forth things that are sometimes in the past, yet once it is disclosed it brings such incredible peace knowing that it helps put things from the past at ease and look forward to move on with the direction that is best for you.  I totally recommend having her do a reading for anyone that is either at a crossroad in life or in need of affirmation of what path to take for the future.  Therese is compassionate, kind, receptive ……a true gem.”

Stella V.Olympia, WA

“Therese, thank you so much for the reading.  You gave me so much information about my family that was so spot on and also gave me a lot of clarity about them at the same time.  We spoke about my expectations about my career and I feel such relief and a feeling of peace and I am more on track now.  You also opened my eyes to some truths about myself that were holding me back .   Thank you again!!”

Diane B. Naples, FL

“My reading with Therese far exceeded my expectations!  She not only gave me a tremendous amount of clarity about a relationship but she also cleared my energy leaving me feeling so peaceful and energized!  She even explained the process to me so that I could do it again on my own. Therese also helped me figure out what to do with an investment property that had been vacant and stagnant for 18 months.  New renters are moving in a few days! Thank you Therese! I love your energy and sparkles. You are truly beautiful inside and out.  I’m looking forward to our next time together.”

Kara M. USA.

“Therese , you are the real deal! Our readings have been accurate and moving and delightful. You’re magic!!”

Lynn S. NYC, New York​

“Thank you so much for the in touch and personal reading you provided me.  IT was amazing and so accurate.  I was immediately connected to you and you made me feel comfortable.  You have a beautiful gift!  I can’t wait for another reading.  I asked you about my lost cats.  You were able to connect that BC had in fact passed.  I had thought she had as I had a very real dream about her.  Your messages to me from her were so comforting, hard to hear but much needed for my soul.  You were able to confirm my other cat Pumpkin was out living a “wild” life.  His life mission is to experience living in this way.  You mentioned he was living in a wide open space and he was proud of himself that he caught a snake.  THIS was amazing as I had a reading 4 months ago with an intuitive in Sedona and she mentioned that Pumpkin was living in the wild and he showed her that he had even caught a snake!!  To make it even more special, last night my husband and I  went out on a bike ride, way out by the canyon and  we saw Pumpkin!! We were unable to get him to come over to us but we were validated knowing that he was around.  You also guided me through my life path and my creation of my work.  You gave me some very good advice and I am so thankful for your guidance and support from spirit.  “You can only dream within your destiny”! I was able to see that I am working on my my purpose and I am going in the right direction. You gave me some insight to the light at the end of the tunnel and I am now able to push forward with my dream!  Fear is always there but I can recognize it and I know that moving through the dark is necessary to get to the light.  You provided me with Very powerful messages and I want others to know how very in touch you are, working for the highest good.  Please use me as a reference anytime!!”

Shelly J. Twin Falls, ID

“I am in the process of making one particular life change – a new twist in my career, a positive but risky and substantial change amid an already fulfilling career. While this change is unfolding, and has been, for many weeks/months, I have been preoccupied with the images of octopuses. One evening, while looking for art for a flat where I stay during the week, I purchased your “Tako” {Intuitive Artwork Collection} online—on a whim, really. It spoke to me immediately while scanning images. When I arrived home last night and opened the beautifully adorned package within which was your creation, I was struck by a few things – the personal touch of a letter and a “secret” message, the artwork and its presentation. However, I never expected the message and symbolism of the octopus to reflect so closely my situation. I never connected my curious new/renewed interest in octopuses with my pending life changes – that is, of course, until I read the message attached to the back of the artwork. For this reason I am writing to thank you. You have surprised and delighted me perhaps more than you will ever know. I love your creation of “Tako” and the broader reach of the marvelous tendrils into my life. Kindest regards,”


“A big shout out to Therese Tucker for spending a great hour session with me on Sunday morning. IT was AMAZING the things you connected with that I don’t verbalize to anyone. I could have talked all day. I got tingles from head to toe twice because is resonated so deeply with me. It ended with a tear in my eye. Thanks a ton.”

Troy S. USA

“I wanted to let you know right away that our session was very helpful and I already feel lighter and more energized about lots of things.”

Alice E. NY, NY​

“I have had a lot of readings of many types, but nothing like Therese. I don’t get readings anymore cos I’m tired of hearing about what might happen, and the potential of the people involved, myself included…But Therese jumped into where I am on my path and helped me see what I can do to get where are I want to be, right now. Helped me see what’s around me that I wasn’t seeing. To me, that’s priceless! When I ask for advice, whether it be from a reader or just a friend, I almost always end up frustrated because more than a solution, I just want someone to show me something I have never even considered before. I’m usually so focused on whatever it is that I just need someone to go ‘look over here for a minute’. She is brilliant at doing exactly that! It’s like doing a puzzle but you can’t turn your head, so you only see the pieces right in front of you. After my reading with Therese, I feel like I can see a few more pieces. 🙂 And more than what she said, I think her sparkly energy, and who she is as person did a lot of it. She opens things up and makes whatever you’re dealing with more fun…yep, fun. Thank you. This is the clearest I have been in years, and I will be calling you again!”

Jazmin R. Queens, NY

“I feel like it was super helpful. I loved the approach and it felt like it was about getting me in touch or aligned with ‘myself,’ which wasn’t what I was expecting but SO incredible!”

Jo J. LA, CA

“I was amazed how quickly you were able to tune into everything that was going on with me. I loved how you delivered the info and I was left with a feeling of empowerment and glee! Since the reading, I have been on a high. I know that I can trust my intuition even more and the little fear that I have about my huge transition coming up bares little to no weight with me anymore. I cannot tell you what an amazing gift your reading was to me. Thank you THANK YOU!”

Kate, USA

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