What the hell are “Spirit Circles”?

They are a unique and kick ass way to use the natural heightened energy of the lunar and planetary cycles, to help strengthen your spiritual connection, receive guidance and turbo boost your manifesting power… 


To make life and business a heap easier of course lol.

Therese (guided by our Team in Spirit) takes you on a journey release what no longer serves you during full moon spirit circles in preparation for the new moon spirit circle where the energy is all about harvesting; reaping the rewards and calling in your manifestations!  #newmoonsrock #needtodobothforfullpowerefffectthough

Why are they so damn awesome?

They are a power-packed condensed version of both Therese and Rach’s amazing gifts and talents!

In each session you are guided through some practical reflection exercises related to the moon phase you’re in (articulating what you are releasing in the Full Moon Spirit Circles, so you can then decide what you are attracting in and you define those in the New Moon Spirit Circles).

Rach also helps out by Source4Shifting some subconscious blocks out and programming in some kickass empowering belief to make each moon even more powerful!

Then Therese gets to do her woo thang by channeling a guided journey from our Team in Spirit complete with healing, energy and teachings that will help us in our lives and businesses over the coming weeks.

AND then the last part is spent doing mini readings and psychic Q&A where YOU get to ask whatever questions you want to get some psychic guidance and insights on!

When are they?

Held on days where there is a new moon and a full moon, specifically once the USA catches up with the rest of the world so we’re all in the  zone.  The actual times are announced a few weeks before (because we have to sync up the moon plus the schedules of two entrepreneurial Mum/Mom’s which is no small achievement!)  And the dates can be found on our Spirit Circle Dates Page.

The actual call time will vary to cater for the fact that you are all spread out around the world and everyone will want to be on as many of the live calls as possible.  See why below….

How long do they go for?

Approximately 90 mins in total.

60 mins of guided woo woo, transformational work and channeled education stuff, then 20 – 30 mins of Q&A/short personal readings time for those who stay on the call, lucky you!

Note:  The Q&A component will not be available on the recording to respect people’s privacy and due to time constraints, everyone may not get their questions answered.

We can’t predict what our Team in Spirit is going to want to bring through or what amazing journey you are going to go on but we can tell you it’s divinely guided so bring your water and a notebook as they often give you questions to ponder for ongoing change and integration.

Are they recorded?

YES!  So if you can’t make the live call you can still get all the energy, healing and awesomeness channeled through during the call, the only thing it doesn’t include is the Q&A with our team in spirit at the end.

As always I really enjoyed the spirit circle.  I have been feeling pretty heavy energetically the last few weeks and after the spirit circle felt light, like I could actually see and feel myself being light and free!  Thank you so much!  – Trupti

To purchase your ticket to join us, here are your options:

Click on whichever one you prefer (all amounts in $USD):

6 month subscription includes both events PLUS all recordings – $44/month


SINGLE event (full moon or new moon) PLUS recording – $39

BOTH events (full and new moon) PLUS recordings – $59 (= $29.50 ea)

RECORDING ONLY for a single event if you know you can’t attend live – $29

NOTE: Recording available within 24 hours of the call and a link emailed to you to download or listen to. If you want to join in the live Q&A with Therese on the call, this is not the option to choose, which you already worked out, right?


Q:  If we are doing these Spirit Circles around the U.S. Pacific Time Zone moon cycle dates does it affect the energy for other time zones?  Does it make it less potent if you are not in that time zone?

A:  Nope, nopety, nope.  The new moon indicates the beginning of the WAXING moon phase.  This is a time when the energy is the most potent to call in what we wish to create in our lives.  The full moon indicates the start of the WANING moon phase, which is the time we focus on releasing what no longer serves us and both periods last the full 2 weeks until the next moon kicks in.  By the time we reach the Pacific Time Zone, most of the earth has been bathed in that particular moon phase’s energy so, in fact, the lunar energy will be more potent for those in earlier time zones.

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