The majority of people who are struggling to succeed to the level of their dreams are usually…

Stuck under fears of failing (and success), rejection, judgment, not being good enough, needing to get things “right” (perfectionism leading to overwhelm) and a lack of clarity.

They are also typically not deeply rooted in their own intuition to be able to trust themselves, to be able to hear the divine guidance that would take them down the best and easiest path to their success!

These fears and lack of self-trust and self-belief are just bundles of crappy beliefs and thoughts that fuel the emotions, which create the blocks and thus the bold and critical actions are then not being taken; they don’t put themselves out there to build their business or get that relationship, or even stick to that new fitness program!

The key to getting consistent forward momentum towards your dreams and goals is to be clearing this crap consistently, not when it’s got you’re completely stopped, broke, sick and alone!

I couldn’t find one modality that did everything to truly help people shift mentally, emotionally and physically that also connected them spiritually and to their intuition…

Source4Shift™ Technique

NLP wasn’t everything I needed for me or my clients, it didn’t help me be proactive in clearing nor really help with deeply emotional stuff…. Shadow work was awesome for emotional clearing but could keep people stuck looking for more in their shadow stuff too.

Theta Healing and other energy modalities, while great, still weren’t it either because the client wasn’t as actively involved in the process and that seemed to make a difference. But they are all amazing modalities in their own ways! They absolutely work, just not on everything in the way I wanted something to work.

So I sat… And I listened… And I designed what DID work for me!

11 years of coaching and using multiple modalities over the years, Source4Shift ® ended up being a blend of the best pieces of all of this plus specific information that was channeled through from my Team in Spirit that really made the difference in both being able to FIND what was in my own subconscious and be able to clear it out or reprogram with empowering beliefs for faster results. And be able to allow emotion to come through for healing without getting stuck in it too.

I needed my modality to get new empowering beliefs down to the cellular level too…

Because change isn’t complete or permanent until it’s in the body!

Remember when you learned to drive? There was a stage where you mentally knew what you needed to do but it was a very conscious process. You had to think about the individual steps to do the act of driving. After consistent practice you built stronger neurological pathways so now it’s unconscious; it’s in the body at the cellular level so you don’t even think about what you have to do, you just do it.

Ever had the experience where you are trying to change a behaviour or something in your life and you say “I know what I need to be doing/thinking” but you aren’t living it?

It’s because the change hasn’t reached the body level, it’s still at the mind level.  Repeating affirmations can help but they take a lot longer to drip down to the body level. The Source4Shift ® Technique takes new beliefs and patterns down into the body level within minutes instead of spending months or years changing the belief or behaviour.

The technique is easy, fast and more powerful to use for the average person so you don’t have to keep waiting to seeing someone else to do the work for you!

Imagine waking up and feeling resistance to making those calls, writing that email, going for that run, or any action you know you need to take to reach your goals… I bet you’re already familiar with that.  Now imagine you can sit down for 5 – 10 minutes, work out what’s really going on, clear and reprogram whatever crappy belief is making you feel resistance, then BAM off you go!!!

How many hours and days have you wasted in NOT taking the action?  

How much closer to your goals do you think you would be if you hadn’t gotten stuck, stalled or fell completely off the motivation wagon?

Now you can have a tool/technique/process for consistently moving forward, to use ANYTIME YOU GET STUCK!

Source4Shift Testimonial Don

At Spirit4Success, part of our core teachings are channeled by Therese from our Team in Spirit (you don’t have to believe this, it doesn’t change the value of the information though), and now we have this technique to enable our clients and students to rapidly achieve a fully integrated state, which incorporates Spirit, Mind, Heart/Soul and Body Intelligences to align with the things they want faster, manifesting that dream life sooner rather than later.

Source4Shift® is a technique that gives people back the power in their own success, healing, growth and evolution because you can use it to uncover what beliefs, blocks and/or patterns are preventing money, love, trust, a fitter body or anything else you want to come in. It also helps you to release emotions that come up, the ones you prefer not to feel, within minutes (you know, when someone says something and it either pisses you off or cuts you deep?  Those times!)  I show you how to go deeper where its needed to completely clear and release whatever triggered it so you don’t respond the same way next time.

Source4Shift® is fast, deep and extremely effective at quantum leaping your healing and stuff clearing abilities to reach your dream life sooner, at the same time as building a stronger intuition and trust in yourself to make better decisions, lowering the amount of frustration, drama and trauma many experience when they don’t achieve their goals or manifest what they want.

Therese and I know this one all too well!

You can use it on the fly as life serves up its next challenge or challenging person, making it much easier to get back to a space of feeling fully energised, motivated, inspired, and in trust of what you can do and achieve. Oh and particularly when a drama unfolds in front of you, you can then choose to engage in it emotionally or let it go and keep getting on with your goals!

Source4Shift® is the perfect tool to assist you in achieving your goals and manifesting everything you want!  A lot of manifesting and Law of Attraction teachings talk about emotional alignment being the key (eg: feeling wealthy now to attract more wealth in), we know that once you clear the emotional and mental crap, you are naturally more in alignment with what you desire, and then what you desire either shows up or the opportunities you need to get there, do.

There is definitely more to manifesting than merely clearing emotional and mental crap out but this technique certainly makes a HUGE difference!

Cole Bombino TestimonialUse the Source4Shift® Technique:

  • To get rapidly better results in sales
  • Open the abundance and prosperity flow in your life
  • Obliterate self-sabotaging behaviours
  • Assist your body to heal faster
  • Make better decisions and quicker
  • Heal emotional wounds
  • Heal and build healthy relationships with people in your life
  • Allow you to let go of things or people who no longer serve you
  • Build more trust in yourself and to get back into your own power
  • Open up your spiritual connection to your team and/or guides, Angels etc
  • Experience more magic and miracles in your life
  • Develop stronger intuition

And the list goes on!

The beautiful thing about the Source4Shift® Technique is that no matter what other skill or modality you may have learned as a coach/teacher/leader, it can bolt into this one so nothing you’ve done before is wasted, this just becomes the operating system that underlies what you already do and it’s calibrated to YOU!

This is not a one size fits all, it has some variants from person to person making it very flexible and powerful as we calibrate it to who you are and how it works most powerfully for you

The Source4Shift® technique allows for, and encourages, your intuitive use of it!

Next Level 1 Training (Practitioner Level Training coming soon):

Starts in 20th June 2017 (Australia time).  All training is done over online web/video conferencing (Zoom) and teleconference, and includes a secret Facebook group for ongoing support and practice, so no matter where you are in the world, you can do this training!!!

All sessions are recorded too so you won’t miss out if you can’t attend the live session and live sessions are done at varying times and days so everyone can get onto some of the live calls!

The training itself includes:

  • 6 x 60 minute training classes done weekly
  • 10 x 60 minute live Q&A/troubleshooting/DOING sessions to really master the technique and actually do the breakthrough work, done weekly
  • A comprehensive manual and all future updates
  • Cheat sheets and supplemental material to help with breakthroughs and mastery
  • Access to all belief lists and all updates to them forever
  • Access to this first level training to redo it anytime and as many times as you want
  • A closed Facebook group for students with tips, hints, new beliefs to test and clear, and ongoing access to support from me

Training Breakdown:

Session 1:  THE BASICS!  You’ll learn various self-testing techniques to get clear yes and no’s from the subconscious, body and higher self.  You’ll also learn the basic release part of the technique.

Session 2:  REPROGRAMMING!  You’ll learn the part of the technique to program in empowering beliefs to unleash your kickass self!

Session 3:  ROOT CAUSE!  You’ll be taught how to clear emotions, beliefs, blocks and patterns from the root causes such as past lives, personal experiences, passed down through family generations (DNA), spiritual or energetic experiences and environments among others.

Session 4:  DIGGING!  You’ll be given a tool to uncover the real blocks within your own subconscious and reveal the self-sabotaging patterns you don’t even know you have!

Session 5:  INTUITION BASICS!  This technique helps you develop your intuition naturally but for those who aren’t currently using it, haven’t really developed it or lack trust in it, we have a whole class to help with that so you get even more out of the technique.

Session 6:  TROUBLESHOOTING!  When you are stuck and not seeing results, you want to know what to look for or how to get unstuck or what to check to make sure you’re doing it all “right” lol.

Session 7 – 16:  DOING and Q&A sessions!  Implementing and mastery of any technique is the hardest part and I have made it even easier with pre-done FOR YOU extensive belief lists around Wealth (as well as Network Marketing for those who need it), Success, Love, Self-Esteem, to kick start your breakthroughs!  The doing time is usually the time when most people have all the important questions, and this is usually where Rach shares other tools and ideas that she probably should charge for…

ONGOING:  Access to a secret Facebook group with the occasional extra live Q&A session for ongoing mastery and ongoing support as you use the technique or get stuck.

Investment:  $1997  Early Bird $1497 before the 12th of June 2017


$397 x 4 monthly payments

(There are other payment plan options available beyond what’s below, just contact Rach using the form at the bottom of the page, she wants to help you learn this so MONEY ISN’T A BLOCK HERE)


If you do the training fully, meaning you consistently show up, engage, you do the work in between sessions, ask questions and reach out whenever you get stuck, then if at the end of the 16 weeks there have been no changes in you or your life, I will give you your money back.  Sound fair?

Obviously there is a lot more to be gained by continuing to use it beyond the training and everyone’s results differ; some get some big stuff shift quickly, others are a slow burn then BOOM!  No one can tell you which one you will be but I do know the power of this technique when it’s actually used so I’ll do everything I can to teach and assist you in mastering this technique, and you commit to being the best student you can be, stacking the odds totally in your favour, then you can’t lose!

SOME PAYMENT OPTIONS (You can talk to Rach first by filling in the form below the buttons):


4 Monthly Payments of $375:

5 Monthly payments of $300:

6 Monthly Payments of $250:

To just find out more about the inclusions, class scheduling, or to ask a question about the Source4Shift® Technique Training, fill out the form below:











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