Becoming Successful

Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard!

Trying to use manifesting to fix your business woes….but it’s kinda hit and miss?

Fears, doubts, procrastination, overwhelm and a lack of knowing what to do next, holding you back?

Trying to implement the strategies that the experts say will work but not getting the results?

We get it…


These are FIXABLE because they are just mindset and integration issues!

Let’s break down the problem…

  1. Learning is only step one.  Complete integration is where it becomes AUTOMATIC and the magic truly begins! We call this “MASTERY”
  2. Most courses teach you the mechanics but fail to guide you until it’s completely integrated
  3. What you manifest is directly connected to where your mindset is at – crap mindset, crap results!
  4. What you FEEL increases your attraction power, positive AND negative (emotional baggage is a real issue here)
  5. Your subconscious beliefs, programs and baggage (which is largely hard to uncover) make up 90 – 95% of your mindset AND what you are REALLY putting out to the Universe… that part sucks huh!
  6. And INTUITION is not focused on as an important skill for business success…

It seems almost hopeless…  But it’s not!

Aren’t using proven strategies MORE important?

Strategy and action alone are only HALF of the equation (the weaker half), and strategies are just the tools, the real power is in the person using it… Which is why some strategies will work for you and some won’t, even if they work really well for others.

If your mindset is clear of all the crap beliefs and thoughts, including subconsciously, you will attract back exactly what you are asking for but if it isn’t, the results will be inconsistent or non-existent.  You’re probably experiencing this right now, otherwise, why have you read this far down?

Your results will be equivalent to what your mindset and energy defaults are set at.  So just look around… what does that tell you?

The Solution…?

Having a guide/mentor/person outside of you (or multiple persons) who can show you in every moment during every challenge, where your mindset is getting in the way, you aren’t using your intuition or where you aren’t putting into practice the manifesting principles you so desperately want to be working for you.

Also having a supportive environment that keeps you immersed in the how-to-do-this-with-epic-ease-and-grace information until being a high vibration, magical, kickass, manifesting entrepreneurial genius becomes the default for you.  Yes, EPIC!

Don’t just learn how to let manifesting/energy do the heavy lifting in your business for you, get into mastery where you LIVE it!


Unfortunately most people aren’t focused on doing the mastery part of the integration and teachers aren’t providing an environment that is specifically focused on this part of the most magical equation!

Mindset and energy work FIRST, then strategy = magic momentum!

And really, you probably only need some help with implementation and mastery to make it all happen!

Let me introduce you to our Success Circle Membership…

We created it because we realized there were loads of programs and courses where you could learn how to manifest, and plenty of YoutTube videos and Facebook groups talking about it, but no programs where it was focused on integrating and mastery WITH coaching and mentoring unless you wanted to be locked in for 12-36 month programs AND while huge prices for the. whole. time!!

Can you say “INSANE!”?

We decided there had to be a better way to do it, like, I don’t know, having an affordable month to month membership, that’s there only as long as you need it?  Which also wouldn’t suck up the whole budget that beginning or struggling entrepreneurs had for actually building a thriving business! 

We wanted to stack the odds in your favour!  Makes total sense, right?

We also realised the potency and potential and joining forces…

I mean really…

A Psychic who can look inside you and your business and see what you are doing in energy that is keeping you from manifesting what you want, coupled with a Master Coach who is super awesome at helping you uncover where your mindset is getting in the way, intuitively choosing the best strategies to use, helping you programming your business energy to attract everything you need, and brainstorming your unique and soul-aligned products, programs and services for high vibration returns… Together.

2 Powerhouses (if we do say so ourselves) in the ONE membership! #nobrainer

Oh and did we mention that we have a “Team in Spirit” that we directly channel the Masterclasses from?

We realised that the best information was the information we got direct… The personal development (and even spiritual development) industry is creating more and more people who are dependent on their teachers/experts/guru’s to give them the answers instead of teaching them how to get it for themselves from Source/All That Is/The Universe/God/Team (whatever you call it)… Basically creating co-dependent relationships… Um… I don’t know about you but…

Dependency is NOT Real Empowerment

And we were over it… It’s that whole fishing thing, you know, give a man a fish and he can eat just today, but teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for… well, a hell of a lot longer!

Our biggest thing is helping you learn how to connect and work with YOUR Team in Spirit (who don’t smell like fish, thankfully), building loads of self-trust so you can go direct and build a thriving business by using YOUR POWER, knowing how to direct energy AND then pick the best and most effective strategies to explode your business.  Oh and then leave us!

We don’t want to be working with you for years and years…

We actually want you to graduate and FLY/RIDE solo!

*mic drop*

Here is what our Success Circle Members get:

  • A Master class every month on manifesting, intuition and/or mind-set mastery!  Often it’s a combination since we know how powerful it is to be using and mastering all 3.  Delivered by email along with a workbook or work sheet, so you don’t get overwhelmed trying to work out which class to do, we’ve set it out for you in nice small chunks to make it easier to absorb and implement (well, our Team in Spirit did it that way, so you can thank them!)


  • A Closed Facebook Community.  This is your tribe space and place of ongoing support from them plus both of us as well as a bunch of like minded, amazing people.  We do extra bonus Lives in there occasionally or share tips and hints to help you with mastery.  We also encourage collaboration, supporting each other and bouncing ideas around.  (Not included in Basic)


  • A Live Q&A Mastermind session with both of us.  Bring to the table your current challenge, struggle or block, jump in the hot seat and Therese will share her psychic insights plus what she is reading in energy around the situation and Rach will give you on the spot coaching and strategies to help you obliterate the block, dissolve the struggle and meet the challenge IN your power! (Not included in Basic Membership)


  • A Live Business Energy and Mastermind Session with Rach.  This is where we connect with your business and business Team in energy and do the non-physical work to easily attract in ideal clients, partnerships, opportunities, ideas, products/programs etc.  It’s also where we build a healthy relationship with our business and listen to what it wants, where it wants to go, how it wants to be developed.  This is how you bring in the epic ease and grace with a bucketload of awesomeness and at the end there is time to do some hot seat masterminding around your business. (Not included in Basic Membership)


  • Full Moon Spirit Circle.  This is a 90 minute session designed to work with the vibrational energies that are potent on the full moon which is typically about healing and releasing so there is more space for the harvesting and attracting with the New Moon (see below).  A combination of energy and mindset work, it includes a high vibration guided journey from our Team in Spirit and ends with some mini readings with Therese.  The Spirit Circles are the piece of the month that is for you personally to heal and grow so it translates into growth in your business.


  • New Moon Spirit Circle.  Same as above but designed to maximise your manifesting potential utilizing the moon energy AND the extra power of the group.  This Spirit Circle is more powerful if you have participated in the Full Moon Spirit Circle or at least done some releasing and clearing work in the 2 weeks before.
Rach Wilson
Therese Tucker

Basically You Get the 3 MOST Important Things That EVERY Entrepreneur NEEDS to SUCCEED…!

1.  ONGOING SUPPORT & GUIDANCE from a gifted Psychic, Master Coach and a community focused on you thriving and flying confidently!

2.  MENTORING to show you where you haven’t integrated manifesting and mindset shifts so you can get to MASTERY FASTER!

3.  A HIGH VIBE ENVIRONMENT to help you build MASSIVE self-trust and a strong intuition for a MAGICAL journey to business success!

Who Will Benefit Most?

People who truly want to step into their power as a CREATOR of their lives and business

People who will take action

People who want the support and encouragement of a Tribe in mastering their mindset, manifesting and intuition, as well as mentors and teachers

People who are willing to support and encourage others without judgment

People who know the basics of manifesting and working “with the Universe”

People who still struggle with fears, doubts, overwhelm, gaining momentum and frustration

People who are aware they haven’t mastered manifesting and energy work BUT WANT TO

People who have done some personal and spiritual development so are at least “intermediate”

People who don’t expect perfection or expect teachers who haven’t made mistakes

Who Won’t Benefit Much?

People who are masters of mindset, energy and manifesting already

People who are completely new to manifesting, spirituality and personal development

People who only need strategies to really get momentum going (because you’re rocking the options above of course)

People who aren’t open minded to doing things differently (and we tend to suggestion ways of doing things differently a lot)

People who can’t be coached or willing to see their own blocks

People who want business or marketing training (while Rach shares different strategies, this is not the focus)

People who aren’t willing to take personal responsibility for their own decisions, actions and results

People who are judgmental of “woo” stuff (there is a chunk of woo in here so be prepared to get your woo on!)

People who are precious with the F word (don’t worry, it’s the C word that is never used!)

And Who Is The Royal “We”?


Rach is a “Success Alchemist”.  She’s a Business Mindset and Energy Mastery Coach – Bringing Consciousness into business building, to create freedom with EPIC ease and grace.

She’s a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses, a mother of 3, a wife, professional juggler of roles and beach lover with an innate desire to always expand, learn and master stuff… Oh and who doesn’t mind a Jack and Dry at the end of a big week.

Also makes mistakes, trips over her words and wears a hat often because she runs out of time to do her hair…

Therese is a “Spirit Alchemist”.  She’s a psychic channel, medium, an intuitive artist, and empathic intuitive, as well as an interpreter of Light language and healing. She uses these skills to help create positive and tangible transformation in people’s lives.

Over the past 12 years she has been working with people on an energetic level to create healing and alignment in their personal lives and business. Therese works with her guides, angels and Ascended Masters, Higher Self and Source Energy to align and connect to her client’s energies, helping them move into their highest frequencies to create the life of their dreams.

Therese specializes in helping her clients build self-trust, which is crucial to developing personal intuition and taking inspired action, and guiding Lightworkers going from Awakened to fully Activated.

7 Day Trial for Just $1 Below

NO lock in contract so you can leave anytime!

We’ve Made It HEAPS Cheaper Than Working With Us Privately!!

But with the benefits of having a Psychic AND a Master Mindset Coach on your support team…

  • Basic
    $88 USD Per Month
    • Masterclass on Manifesting Mastery
    • Masterclass Workbook
    • Full Moon 90 min Spirit Circle with Psychic Readings
    • New Moon 90 min Spirit Circle with Psychic Readings
    • Spirit Circle Recordings
    • 7 day trial for $1
  • Diamond
    $599 USD Per Month
    • 1 x 30 Min Private Coaching and Mind-Set Breakthrough Session with Rach
    • 1 x 30 Min Private Psychic and Energy Interpretation Session with Therese
    • Closed Facebook Community for Ongoing Support and Access to Rach and Therese
    • 1 x 90 min LIVE Q&A Troubleshooting/Hot Seat Session
    • 1 x 90 min LIVE Business Energy Activation/Mastermind Session
    • Masterclass on Manifesting Mastery
    • Masterclass Workbook
    • Full Moon 90 min Spirit Circle with Psychic Readings
    • New Moon 90 min Spirit Circle with Psychic Readings
    • Spirit Circle Recordings
    • Limited to 6 People per Month (no trial for this level)

Frequently Asked Questions

And the not so frequently…

Can I suspend my membership or do I have to cancel it?

You can suspend your membership at anytime for up to 3 months so you don’t lose your lifetime locked in pricing.  We understand that when you have to trip around the world for a few months, enjoying life, food, people and all the awesomeness that the real world has to offer, that joining in online might not be the priority or easy to do if you’re in a country with crap wifi!

Of course if you need a little bit longer, just email Customer Support and state your case, chances are we can do something for you.

How are the masterclasses done?

Each month they are emailed to you, just one a time (so you don’t get overwhelmed) and it’s only between 20 – 45 minutes generally so they are easy to absorb.  You get them in video and audio format, and come with a workbook or worksheet so you can implement or integrate what’s been taught.

We have also started inviting you to the “live recording” of the maseterclasses which we do each month.  So technically you get 2 each month if you make it to the live recording, otherwise you’ll get that one when it shows up as your monthly masterclass 🙂

These are set up to do them at your own pace, in your own time, and they build on each other, going deeper or getting more clarity as you go on, so it’s best to do them in order for the most part.

How long will it take for me to master manifesting, intuition and my mind-set?

How long is that piece of string?  I know, not what you wanted to hear…  It doesn’t mean you won’t see results while you are in the process of mastery though!

No one can really say how quickly you’re going to get it, but what I can tell you is that if you have been doing the work for a while and you’re already pretty high vibrational, not long.

But if you have a lot of “baggage” and struggle with some significant mindset crap, longer.  How long depends on you…

Our intention is to support you in consistently making progress, of course that means you have to consistently do the work.  No magic pills here (we looked. Seriously.)

This is why it’s a “stay as long as you want/need to” membership.

Will I get the masterclass within the trial and get to keep it?

YES!  We absolutely want you to see and feel and touch some of what we teach.  We draw the line at touching us though, I’m sure you can understand 😉

You will get access to everything that level of membership has access to and you get to keep it even if you choose not to continue with us.  We’ll be sorry to see you go but you’ll be taking one of our favourite masterclasses with you <3

Will I get to attend a Spirit Circle or Live event within the trial?

These are spaced out so there is almost one every week so the chances are VERY high that yes you will get to attend at least one of those.  No, you won’t get to choose which one because they are scheduled for certain parts of the month on purpose.

It’s a bit difficult to make the New Moon Spirit Circle as potent by doing it a week early or 2 weeks late.  While you are in the trial though you will get the recording of the event so even if you can’t attend live, you will get the potent information and energy.

IF for some reason your trial lands in a “dead zone”, feel free to reach out to Customer Support and we’ll make sure you get the next live event complimentary 🙂

What happens once the $1 trial 7 days is over?

When you sign up you will input your credit card details but you will only be charged $1 at that time.  When the 7 days are up, if you haven’t chosen to cancel and done so, you’ll be charged $99 and your first month of full membership begins!

You will then be charged $99 every month until you are ready to graduate and move on by yourself 🙂

How much notice is needed to cancel?

You can cancel anytime up to 48 hours before the next payment is due, and you will continue to be a part of the community until the date you would have paid for the next month.  At that point you will be removed from the group and we will wish you well on the next stage of your journey 🙂

How woo does it get?

Well woo level is really subjective…

What’s woo to you may not be woo to us and vice versa.

Do we talk to our “Team in Spirit”?  Yes.

Does Therese sometimes channel light language?  Yes but it sounds so damn cute and is mostly just in the Spirit Circles 🙂

Do we sometimes talk about crystals, energy, Source and grounding?  All. The. Time.

Is that all woo?  Yes.

Is that already too woo for you?  Only you can decide.

Get your woo on, embrace your woo-ness or explore more of your woo, we can basically help you with all that too!


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