Beliefs That Can Stall Your Manifesting Magic

Are you living a former version of yourself? 2016 has been my year of “bringing sexy back,” so a big part of my focus is getting my health in tip top shape. I’ve covered all the [...]


The Secret to Having High Energy Days

I sit here this morning having a light bulb moment that I know I need to share.  Having high energy days is something I haven’t had in a while (shock horror!) and as I drink my super [...]


Episode 7: The Keys to Success – Use Your 4 Intelligences!!

Ok so this was a long time coming but here it finally is, the key to success in every area is knowing about what your 4 Intelligences are and how to use them to achieve success with serious ease [...]


Episode 4: Stress, Spirit and Vaginas

So it’s no secret that STRESS screws with all 4 intelligences;  body intelligence, spiritual connection (being able to receive clear guidance), emotions and damnit, it screws with the [...]


Body Intelligence Killer – Wired but Tired

Therese talks about her own experience with fatigue and the intriguing connection between low energy and go getter entrepreneurs. Get your Body Intelligence back on track with us


Episode 1: The Body is The Missing Key for Success

In this episode Rach and Therese go into detail about the body, specifically the Body Intelligence Centre; what it is, why it’s important and how your body and it’s current condition [...]


The Body is the Key to Accelerated Success!

I feel like I’ve been missing the point and suddenly having a *face palm* moment… I’ve been working on my mind, my emotions and my spiritual connection to succeed in creating a [...]