Here are a few things others have said about working with Rach:

Working with Rach has brought so much clarity to me and my business.  I used to just PUSH to get everything done with marketing and advertising.  I was drained and exhausted.  I was only bringing in one off sessions that didn’t equate to a sustainable income.

Within 48 hours of my first session with Rach, I was able to manifest and close my first high end client.  This client reached out to me and wanted to work with me on a long term basis!  It was with such ease and grace she came into my business!  Not only did I manifest this client, she is one of my best clients.  I adore her, she pays up front, and loves the transformation she is seeing in her life.  I am living my purpose by helping others find theirs! I didn’t know it could be this easy!!

My personal life has also reap the benefit of the Source4Shift trainings and working with Rach.  I am able to unlock and break through any areas of resistance and blocks.  Seriously, this technique is one that everyone should have in their toolbox!

Rach is compassionate, inspiring, and will also tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.  Her approach is loving, intuitive, and powerful.  She wants you to live in these ways as well and is a wonderful coach to get you to the next level of your life and business!  I highly recommend her!” – Mary Silver, Law of Attraction Coach, Astro Numerologist, Human Design Practitioner –

cindy“I have been so blessed and fortunate to have been able to work with Rach for over a year. The shifts that have occurred in my life cannot be counted on all my fingers or toes! Yes, it’s been that many! Rach has a gift of amazing insight into where your emotions and patterns come from and how to really dig in and heal once and for all.

As an example, I had a session with Rach last week because I have been struggling with standing in my power with a few different situations. We focused on my work situation and my relationship with my highly demanding and overly critical boss. Rach got right in there and found the root of my fear and brought to light other areas where this pattern plays out in my life. Her insight was so right on, and I couldn’t believe that she could see this and I couldn’t. She gave me a powerful self exercise to work with regarding taking my power back in my life from these situations. I worked with these, and the healing was immediate! The next day, an old wound was brought up and then released! Then, exactly one week after my session, my boss wrote me an apology letter for being rude and criticizing my work. He also shared his appreciation for all that I have done for the company. Do the work, see the difference!

I HIGHLY recommend  working with Rach to anyone who needs to heal from past trauma, OR anyone who is willing to grow so they can live the life they truly want and deserve.” – Cindy McCarty

zinniaRach is a wonderful listener and bright, loving coach. She truly has a gift for understanding what your needs are and how she can laser in on healing or entrepreneurial ideas for acceleration and growth.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rach over the course of this year on everything from inner child healing, intuition, and reclaiming power to needing entrepreneurial ideas for next stage of my business. She delivered on all of the above.

Rach gently guides and strengthens you into your power, vision and voice with practical steps you can use throughout your healing journey. I’m so grateful. Thank you Rach!” – Zinnia Gupte

“I was having a major blockage in my life of late. I felt like I was doing everything I “should” but, not getting any forward movement. I felt really stuck in a financial rut and my business had gone pretty quiet. Basically I was frustrated and at a loss for what to do next. So I booked a few sessions with Rach. I had worked with her before on releasing some old, negative emotions and knew she would get right to the heart of what was going on. Well, she did.

Rach is not for the faint of heart, I’ll tell you that! She believes in facing the obstacles head on. As she would tell you, the answer is going through the pain, not around it. Rach had pointed out an area of my life that I was completely blocking. I hadn’t seen how this personal relationship gone sour was effecting my financials. To me they seemed unrelated. Rach had pointed out that the way Energy is structured is different and that of course it was connected. With her support, I faced that very painful relationship.

My intention was to unblock my energy so that it could flow easily in all areas of my life. I had my meeting, it was both painful and a relief. As I was leaving it I checked my emails, as I do. I found 2 emails: a new client referral and automatic payment sent to my account! I know better than to believe it was just coincidence! Rach did it again! She get’s right into the heart, and that is a priceless gift. Thank you for helping me turn my energy around. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know!” – Therese USA

“What can I say. Another straight forward support, what I love and appreciate. I love the fact that Rach felt that her main program is not for me as I have done majority of those exercises. I love that Rach listened and tuned in to me and only offered what I needed. I Love the straight forward suggestions as that’s how i work. So when we finished I have clear direction of what I need to do, or the best way to describe it, my path has been lit up.” – Maria Cesareo (We did an Unlock Success Call)

Cameron birdI’ve been on my own personal development journey for over 2 and a half years now. I’ve been through various coaches, coaching organisations and even through some of the real heavy hitters of this industry and have even coached people myself. I am a successful person, but always felt a certain emptiness, numbness and emotional hole through my journey that no one could pin point. I knew there were patterns, blockages and things inside stopping me from experiencing my fullest potential that I just couldn’t seem to get right no matter how hard I tried and I knew these were stopping me from experiencing my fullest potential, particularly in my relationship.

Rachael has a gift unrivalled in this industry. She is highly empathic and in tune with flow and has an incredible ability to see deep seeded blockages like nothing I have ever seen and most importantly, get her hands dirty and heal them. Most coaches or healers won’t give you that much. She has a “tell it like it is” approach but manages to deliver it in the most loving, nurturing and caring way and is 120% committed to having her clients achieve not only their results, but the highest potential that she sees deep inside of them.

I just had my fourth session with Rachael and I have had the biggest transformational shift of my journey so far. I feel like I have woken up and my career and financial opportunities have never been brighter, but most importantly, my relationship with my partner and relationship with myself have never been better. I’m not done yet so I am truly excited for the next couple of months with Rachael as I uncover more about myself and step into my highest and truest self.

Anyone on their quest for answers within themselves, who wants to step up their game or just delve deeper into their spiritual journey, I can’t recommend Rachael highly enough.” – Cameron Bird – Talented Musician, Guitar Teacher and Life Coach (  (

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Attention goes to the realm of desires and wishes and makes it a reality.

That’s how I describe my ‘Unlock Success Coaching’ session with Rach. It was an intense hour and a half, fully focused onto movement of consciousness from constant perception where I am and what’s lacking – to there —> where I want to be.

Rach doesn’t let you dwell on too much on your pain or problem issues. Yes, you need to summarise them beforehand to be able to overturn them, but session itself is a powerful stream of new energy and it is HUGE,
I am still reverberating from it for weeks! I am now in my deeply wanted path.

With careful guidance you are led basically, to work on… Yourself! I was guided how to ask myself important questions and only I knew the answers, that is what made the biggest impact for me. However, I obviously didn’t know how to make that shift happen on my own. For years.

Healing happened through putting all the emotional and mental energy onto wanted states and creating
fulfilling vision, that I simply live by. Plussss… I was given the tools that are so tentatively centred around my deeper self to finally unlock my everyday frustration and nurture my whole being. Priceless!

My name is Lana.
I am 36, mother of two and I am an artist. Every day, since the Skype session, has been unfolding for me with inspiring opportunities, slots of time and energy to devote myself to my creative expression and amazingly, my financial security growing in the background to support me. That’s what I always wanted! Thank you Rach you are an amazing woman!” – Lana Coupe

christopherIt doesn’t matter how authentic, entrepreneurial or creative you are there is going to be a time you feels stuck in an area of your life, be it work or personal. Often this mental impasse can take hold other areas of your life and affect you physically too. Sometimes when we are in this position it’s hard to reach out for help from colleagues, employees, family or friends because they rely on us and we fear placing that burden on others creating perpetual anxiety within us.

Over the last few months I felt in this position and the situation was only getting worse. I recognised the need to reach out but until now I didn’t know who to and it was then Rach offered her services and a chance to speak in confidence to someone who I could speak openly to.

We arrange a session and Rach met my mental fears and upset with compassion and empathy and automatically had me at ease. For the next 60 minutes or so Rach confidently led me through her process of becoming unstuck and acted as mentor in giving me a safe space to tap into where my issues lay. Once we had found that place she guided me through letting go and becoming unstuck.

Rach is amazing not only in what she does and how she does it but also because of the person she is. Rach is very special and someone I know I can count on in those times and know she will get results. However, it’s also about aftercare since my session Rach has checked in with me to see how I’m doing and wanted to know about the positive impact our session has had in my life but it’s hard to quantify in words the abundant changes she’s helped me make. The most important thing is she’s allowed me to be myself again and let my work and personal life flow.” – Christopher Bowness

Kate Faithful300“Talking to Rach is like talking to an old friend. She is smart, genuine, intuitive and sensitive. Each of our chats is like a breath of fresh air. I’ve left them feeling clarity within myself, supported in my new path and like I could breathe more deeply into who I am and where I am going.

Before life; without Rach, I was always confused and muddled, not sure which path I should take or even if the one I was on was the right one. Everyday life was tiring, hard and complicated.

Now life; with Rach, I feel I am finding myself and my path. Rach has helped to break down my massive decisions into achievable steps. She helped me to start uncovering my true self and brings simplicity into the life choices I make. Daily life is easier and I feel capable of finishing my to do list without feeling overwhelmed.

Thank you Rach, you are awesome xx” – Kate Faithful

Screenshot 2015-10-13 20.36.35

Rach Wilson is an incredibly gifted healer. I am still processing my session with her, but I can tell you that I received instant benefits from a session with her. We worked on releasing some very old, deep emotions. She helped me, not only access them, but find their root -why I still hold them and how they were unconsciously serving me. From there she helped me see that I could make different choices to get those same outcomes with positive emotional ties. After my session with her, my body was infinitely more relaxed. In fact, I have rarely, if ever experienced healing to that degree before. She went right to the heart of it with a no nonsense, and completely loving approach. I am eagerly anticipating my next session with Rach and I highly recommend her to anyone who is longing to move through some blocks and can’t place a finger on where they might be hidden. Rach is a gem.” – Therese

I just want to acknowledge your skills and expert coaching. You literally saved our marriage and have turned our relationship inside out and we are AMAZING!! In just 24 hours after your coaching we went from total breakdown / meltdown / its all over, to total reconnection and total love and understanding. The past week has been incredible!! I can’t believe it. Our connection is out of this world. Our love for one another incredible – its like we have fallen in love all over again. I’m sure my husband will share more from his perspective. Thank you super star!! Please support Rach and engage her services for coaching. She ROCKS!!” – Kylie

Having Rach last week guide us was great and there is no doubt she is SUPER AWESOME at what she does and also is Very Passionate about helping people and I’m very grateful for that.

What Rach shared with us about actions, thoughts and feelings and the meaning we both added to those in our heads might have taken us months to figure out or maybe never but through her worldly knowledge, experience and passion we turned it around in 24hrs. We are good students as we are committed to each other and to taking whatever action necessary to have a fun full connected and happy life together but what Rach did in such a short time put us peace so we could move forward immediately. We have implemented Rach’s actions everyday and after 3 days made it twice a day so we start and finish every day with complete connectedness. In just one week to the day, I believe our relationship has not only got back to the awesome state we had, but surpassed it to a new level. I cant speak highly enough of what Rach has done for us. Aaahhh happy tingly sigh….” – Paul

Over the last three years I have endured an extremely long and rocky journey from building a financial free lifestyle, being in love twice and losing everything. I was damaged, broken and left feeling the only way to set myself free was to close my eyes and not wake up – Boy was I wrong, instant clarity set in!

Assaulted by thoughts and feelings, betrayal, anger and heartbreak – a whirlpool of emotions; I was still empowered enough to recognise these demons and knew I needed to deal with them.

Rach has been a close friend and was by my side when I was in need. Working with her has been and still is very humbling and enjoyable. Her quirky personality kept our sessions fun and entertaining whilst her gentleness coupled with love and compassion made me feel safe through all the emotions. After every session – I felt inspired, exhilarated and highly motivated no matter what the emotions.

I am still building a strong, open, honest relationship with myself and those around me. It feels very different a much more hands-on, a more active rather than the passive role I used to take.

I want to say thank you to Rach for being such a wonderful friend and coach, for being loving, compassionate and supportive, for all the encouragement and most of all for the insights into ourselves and relationships we are learning and evolving daily.

I have come to value Rach in more ways than one, she has been my absolute pillar and I am blessed to have her grace my life.” – Jostan

Drazen 04-05-15

From the very first time I spoke with Rach I have felt welcomed, supported and heard. She has never been shocked or surprised by anything I’ve said, or admitted to thinking, and she is always open minded and accepting. The reason I have continued working with her – and it is definitely work! – is because she has the ability to be empathetic and understanding for just the right amount before she challenges me to rethink an issue, face a fear or let something go that is holding me back.

I’d definitely recommend working with Rach if you are serious about healing any kind of past hurt and creating the life you want.” – Michelle Smith

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for all your help and the massive impact that you have had on my life. When I came to you I was an emotional mess and trying to recover from a break up. Through the processes that you went through with me and the tools that you taught me, I was able to put my life back together and find a sense of completeness within myself and fill the void that I had. You helped me allow myself to smile again and shine. I had people comment on how more relaxed, fun and more present I had become. I couldn’t have done it without you and I am so much more in a happier place to now be in a relationship with myself and others. Thanks Again.” – Marc Miles


Before I worked with Rach, I struggled with depression, guilt and I just felt like I was drowning in life. I felt like everything in my life was falling apart and I couldn’t breathe. I wanted to hide away and not talk to anyone. Rach helped me with pulling away at the walls I had built to find the heart of my pain and the reasons I was blocking it away. Rach helped me confront my guilt and pain and to start to heal. I cried and let everything out for the first time in years. Now I can think more clearly and I’m starting to heal. Slowly I’m removing the negative out of my life that I was using to punish myself, the exercises Rach taught me I still use to gain clarity when things start to overwhelm me. I still have a long way to go but I also know that I have Rach in my corner and with her helping me I will get through anything.” – Kathryn

Rach helped me enormously towards the end of my marriage (I also engaged her to help my ex as well – yeah nice guy aren’t I?) She also helped me clear my headspace to enable me to be in the right frame of mind to seek, find and engage with a wonderful woman who I’ve been having an amazing relationship with, like none I’ve previously experienced!

I highly recommend working with Rach if you’re struggling to recover from break-up, struggling to attract in an amazing relationship or if you want to get the one you’re in right!” – Troy

Rach approached the minefield of my personal issues with humour, sensitivity and compassion. For the first time in many years, I feel free of the problems I had buried so deep I didn’t realise they were still there. Old wounds were healed and I’m now moving towards leading a life that finally feels authentic.” – Marguerite




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