This session is all about teaching you about the fundamentals of the 4 Intelligences which make up the core of our work. A lot of what we are teaching revolves back to these 4 Intelligences.



What are the 4 Intelligences?

This is something that has been channeled thru our work when we connect to our team in spirit. We will be teaching this core material in the master class program. Our intention when we discuss this is to give you a solid understanding as to what the 4 Intelligences are.

The 4 Intelligences create our entire being, our holistic intelligence. It means your ultimate intelligence we are working with. Most people when thinking about intelligence think about the mind, correct? We have a tendency of making reference of intelligence just to the brain yet what we have learned thru our channeling sessions, is that there are actually multiple points that intelligence goes thru.

Then we add them together, when they are working in synergy, they create a holistic intelligence. A simple way of seeing this is with pieces of your car. If you are driving with just one piece of your car, you aren’t able to fully engage in all the car has to offer and is able to do as a whole.


The 4 Intelligences are:

• Spirit Intelligence- Spirit intelligence, along with the 3 other intelligences, have a physical location in your body. Spirit intelligence is located above the head near the crown chakra region. This region flows down into the brain where wisdom and mind intelligence lingers.

• Mind Intelligence- The Brain. We have a tendency of being over reliant on the brain and its capabilities of handling all parts of our being. This region is where all our mind intelligence lingers along with all our process.

The area where the spirit intelligence flows down thru the spinal cord reaches our 3rd intelligence region; the heart and soul intelligence.

• Heart and Soul Intelligence- Of course it’s only natural for the heart and soul intelligence to reside in the heart area. This is where your emotional intelligence area is, surrounding your heart, its components and all that makes us feel every emotion possible.

• Body Intelligence- Moving down from this region is our body intelligence. The area which is considered the abdominal wall, the solar plexus (pit of the stomach area) is the home of your body intelligence region.

These are our 4 Intelligences, spirit, mind, heart and soul and body. Some people like to refer to the heart as the soul while others simply refer to it as the heart. We go into this in more detail in our master class.

The difference between spirit and soul:

I (name) and going to give my opinion of what I think is spirit and what is soul. Take a lamp for instance. Spirit is the electricity that is in the lamp and the lamp being the soul. It is the expression, the personality or the energy signature.

(Rach) “My version of what she said is, to look at it as our soul, as you need expression into the world. I see it as screen print. As we go thru this world you have nothing on the screen in the beginning but as we go thru this life we add pieces and chunks along the way.
So, spirit energy is a collective consciousness which flows thru our individual personalities which shines thru the screen print of us where we create something unique that is expressed into the world.”

So, the question is, why do we need holistic intelligence because that’s what happens when you use all 4 together.

So, Rach, why do we need holistic intelligence? Let me share a story of what it is like when we are completely out of balance. As we discussed, I had come to rely on my mind intelligence and my brain causing me to simply do things because it felt like the logical thing to do at the time. This is where I wasn’t incorporating the 4 Intelligences.

So, trying to create a successful business using only the mind left me burnt out, left me confused, left me wondering if I was doing the right thing constantly, wondering is this the right thing, is that the right thing, feeling overwhelmed.

All of these things were because everything was weighing on my mind and on my brain and this wore me down whereas had I incorporated listening to my heart and soul, I would have been able to work out what direction would have made me the happiest.

Then, I should have used my spirit intelligence which is the way I am doing it now. The spirit intelligence is used for guidance for finding the short-cut or getting the information which allows me to do this easy. Then, the body, the vehicle, the part that gives us the energy, the drive, the part that tells us what we need the most. (We will discuss this further).

But, by utilizing too much of the mind I basically shot myself in the foot trying to get everyone else to success, however, it just didn’t seem possible for me. So, this is what it looks like when the intelligence is not being used in the way it’s designed.

If you want to create a life that is fun, that is including a business that is striving and still have the balance in life to spend with loved ones and family, to get enough down time while working naturally with your rhythm with inspiration and drive, as well as having rest and relaxation then you really need to focus on HOW do I use all 4 of my Intelligences.

Ok, so what do we do? This is the biggest and most frequent question people in general want to know. So, let’s start with what I will call “the base”, actually the body. We, as a team have really been focused in spirit with the body.

Out of the 4 Intelligences, the body tends to be the one that most people ignore, especially high functioning people with a lot of drive. We tend to focus more on mind and heart because we have passion which lives in our heart.

We both are connecting to our spiritual intelligence all the time through our work. The one area that gets neglected by us frequently is the body. Not necessarily meaning maintaining a healthy eating practice with regular exercise, that is maintenance and upkeep, but, when we talk about body intelligence, we are talking about gut feelings.

One of my favorite statements is when you get something in your head intellectually, then it drops down into the body then you finally reach that ah-ha moment. The reason you finally “got it” is because it dropped into your body intelligence. It no longer is fluttering around in your mind as a guess of if you are doing the right thing. This is THE moment when you know this is the truth, the real clarity. When the body has it, it is stored, it is owned.

People who focus on body intelligence all the time are athletes and dancers, those who rely on the body. One of the things they talk about is you practice constantly then you forget it because if you are thinking about it then you are back into the brain. Constantly thinking about it, places you back in to mind intelligence. Body intelligence remembers it; it has kinetic connection ability others parts of the intelligence hasn’t.

Unconsciously incompetent: Which is when you don’t know what it is you need to improve because you have yet to focus on what the problem is. Then something happens and you become aware that there is a different way of doing something. Until you get to the point of realizing you need to learn, then you don’t need to know anything but then when you stop you reach the next stage.

Consciously competent: Now, I KNOW that I don’t know how to do this. I know what I don’t know and now I want to learn how to do it or I want to make this change in my life. Whether it be money, your life, whatever it is, you realize you need to make a change.

Then you start doing something different. You make changes, take on a new practice installing new behaviors. This is when you move into consciously competent even though it may take a while to feel comfortable with a steady flow. Just like with everything we teach, you have to learn to go thru each step. Once you keep going with practice that you begin to get so well trained in your neurology where your body just takes over and moves you to the last step which is unconsciously competent. This is where you can be doing something all while taking on another task at the same time because you have done so much practice and have become so persistent that you are at a level of mastery.

So, now you’ve got that, you’ve got that kinetic memory, that unconscious competent which is connected to your intuition. The body receives information from the spirit intelligence directly as though they are hot-wired together.

This is where you feel butterflies, tingle, warm fuzzy feelings where there is no logical explanation of where they come from. These feelings defy logic of the body intelligence.
The body is actually the mouthpiece for all 4 Intelligences, all are routed thru the body. The beautiful thing about that is the mind only has to go to one place because your mind is like a librarian, or at least it should be because then it will go in to the history that will tell us what will work and won’t work in the future.

The body is the part that tells you what information Is coming thru. This is where people try to make a decision and often get caught up trying to use their intuition thinking, “I don’t think I’ll use that option because it doesn’t feel good” and they stop there.

The body also stores memory; it stores emotional memory. Everything you have ever learned and experienced is stored in the body, not in the brain, but in the body. When something doesn’t feel good it could be intuition telling you not to do it or a feeling of having emotional baggage around that and “I don’t really want to do this because of fear or other emotions surfacing”. The body tells you both and unless you train your mind to ask more questions you will often get confused about what is intuition and what is your own emotions.

Heart and Soul Intelligence

This is where all emotional intelligence is stored, where the part of you that really gets inspired and makes you feel like, “oh wow, I would really love to do that”. It’s your passion, your purpose comes thru this intelligence.

So, what is the difference between the emotions and feelings? The difference between emotions and feelings are, with feelings these are not just physical sensations but emotion sensations from the heart and soul. Its letting you say “yes, I want to do that or the feeling of no, that’s not right”.

Emotions are linked to emotional baggage along with happiness and joy which are also emotions. These are brought on by events and things that are happening around us in the moment. There are emotions from or past that cause us to feel good and also emotions to cause us to not feel so good.

Feelings are more of an intuitive yes or no whereas emotions are exposed due to emotional baggage or things happening in the moment. Sometimes logic can’t answer or explain and this is how you know you are using this intelligence. Logic lives in the mind intelligence that is where there is information to support x, y, and z.

When we are working with the heart intelligence and the body intelligence logic isn’t really a factor. This is like when you talk yourself into doing something where there is no logic to justify your success, however, there is a gut feeling that it is actually going to work. This is how you can see how the holistic intelligence works together.

The mind is meant to be the trainer, the investigator. So when it is only listening to the mind and not incorporating all the other intelligence it is like a stand-alone computer, it only has a certain amount of information that you put there. Once you connect it to the spirit connection it’s like connecting it to the world wide web where there is much more data. When you have access to both connections you give yourself much more information to help you make better decisions on what not to do, where to go, etc.

When your mind is being overused is when it is not being investigative. First of all, you listen to your heart and soul. Your heart and soul will reveal to you what it is that will make your life abundant and as happy as possible.

You’re getting all this vital information thru your heart and soul. Once you determine what will make you happy then you seek spirit intelligence for guidance as to what to do and then the mind kicks in. This is where you need to create a plan of action, what plans to take in order to fulfill your decision.

Thru all of this you are listening to the body and the body is giving you the information to say, “yes, this feels good” and is aligned with the heart and soul. Then it comes up with a plan based on the feedback it’s receiving from the body, from spirit and soul and from the minds thoughts taking place.

Spirit intelligence is like “getting tapped in”. This is where all information is stored in the universe, in everything. This is where different outcomes exist with different scenarios, connections to past lives, connections to other people, this is where you can tap in and get different information.

The heart center is one of the most powerful centers we can work from. This is why we say start with your heart and soul, it’s your most powerful center. This is why in the French language the word for heart is core and our ancestors and other cultures understood this and only until we started revolving into the scientific realm did we move from the heart to the brain because science is about the analytics of it. Science looks for a logic explanation again for x, y, and z.

The key that we are teaching you is how to integrate all 4 Intelligences because this is the message that we have been given to share with other people. We are teaching you how to get that holistic intelligence where you are running on all 4 cylinders. When you are working with all 4 Intelligences you are receiving extra energy, extra boost, extra confidence.
I know there a lot of you out there that are so used to using your brain, you may even use your heart and soul and you may even listen to your body, but when it comes to tapping into your team and spirit, or trusting your intuitions at times, maybe there is a lot of trust that has to be built there.

If you feel frustrated that you are not connecting to all 4 Intelligences, don’t worry, relax we got this because that is what we are here to help you do. Just know all the information you need to connect these 4 Intelligences and make them connect to each other we are going to provide that for you. It is all about making you feel strength in all 4 connections because there is going to be one, maybe two that are weak for you so we are going to be teaching you how to do these things by helping you develop all of them in different ways throughout the course.

When you are trying to become holistic and synergized, the first thing you have to do is get healthy. If you are depending heavily of your logical intelligence, your mind intelligence, it’s a little like being out of shape, some areas are over exercised while others are under exercised and it’s going to be a transition.

You will get there though, we’ve got it and so can you. We will share articles, resources, and things outside of what we write that will give the evidence to back up the things we are saying which makes us get thru with our team and spirit.

We are really looking forward to connecting with you, to sharing with you everything we know and everything we continue to get from our team and spirit. It’s all about having a thriving life, love and business, not just one.

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