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Rach-naptimeI feel like I’ve been missing the point and suddenly having a *face palm* moment… I’ve been working on my mind, my emotions and my spiritual connection to succeed in creating a thriving business and an amazing life, and I have succeeded, way more than I ever have before but I’ve missed the biggest, most significant piece of ALL of it… My BODY and how it connects to all of this!!

We’ve been getting a LOT of information and guidance from our team in spirit recently and how our bodies play such a massive role in our success, our physical energy and inspiration, feeling and sensing other energies as well as the strength of our connection with them.  Who knew?!?

As an entrepreneur I am constantly on the go, I switch from one thing to another and am often doing more than one thing at once.  I don’t do a lot physically but I do a hell of a lot mentally and energetically and pretty regularly I am exhausted at the end of the day, sometimes needing a nap in the middle of it.  (See picture for evidence lol, me in Bunnings… )

I have had digestive issues for most of my life and have come to accept that it’s just how my body is.  I’ve gained 10kgs in the last 18 months, which I put down to numerous factors and as much work as I’ve done on myself, I still find myself in bouts of overwhelm and have an undercurrent of anxiety that runs a lot of the time.  I thought I just had to keep working on myself but it turns out this may not be the case!

You can only do so much work on the building when the foundations are in desperate need of repair…  You are limited with how high it can go and fantasmic you can make it.  How much bigger can you build a building when the foundations are rock solid?  Exactly!  You see where I’m going with this, right?

Long story short, our team in spirit have guided us to various pieces of information and people to help us both understand what’s actually happening in our bodies, the part of our experience we keep ignoring; how it’s impacting our energy to be more productive and connected to our creativity, our ability to feel ease and trust in everything, and how repairing them will see us soar in abundance of energy, money and time.  I feel like I’ve finally got the missing pieces to my health and vitality puzzle as well as success!

Some key themes are coming through quite strongly such as:

  1.  Nutrition Deficiency and its impact on mental clarity/ability to focus, energy or lack of, weight gain, digestion and overall health  <– we have both discovered we are nutrient deficient (thanks Team!  Ignorance was kind of bliss for a while…)
  2.  The importance of detoxification <– we’re both not as clean as we could be, d’oh!
  3.  Gut Flora and how it impacts all of the above too!  <– don’t get us started on digestive issues we both work around
  4.  The importance of high quality foods and less chemicals

I saw a Naturopath yesterday and we talked about all of my symptoms, behaviours, feelings and health concerns, and he is pretty convinced I am at least in significant adrenal fatigue (which impacts energy, digestion, mental clarity, mood etc) and potentially MTHFR.  I know, it looks like “motherfucker” and don’t be surprised if I call it that moving forward lol!

“This acronym stands for Methylene TetraHydroFolate Reductase. It is an enzyme that converts the folate you eat into the active form that your body needs to use.”  It’s needed in a process called Methylation (I know, we’re getting a little technical here but stay with me just a little longer because if you’re a go-getter/perfectionist/high-achiever who’s struggling right now, this could be a big part of why).

“Methylation is the process by which your body transfers one set of atoms into a series of amino acids, proteins, enzymes and DNA in each and every cell and tissue in your body. The process of methylation is involved with activities such as:

  • Detoxification
  • Repairing and building DNA and RNA
  • Processing hormones
  • Building immune cells
  • Producing energy
  • Repairing cell membranes
  • Turning the stress response on and off
  • Supporting neurotransmitters – the brain’s communication chemicals
  • Supporting fat metabolism

Methyl groups in your body are the ‘on-off’ switches of the cells activities. As your cells are then responsible for all tissues and organs in the body, it is vital they are healthy and working as optimally as possible.

Anything upwards of 45-50% of the general population have some kind of mutation on one of the MTHFR genes.”  Both of the above quotes are from –

Basically, in terms that make sense to me – if you have this gene thingy, you likely suffer from tiredness bordering on exhaustion, your body doesn’t digest as well, your immune system doesn’t work as well, you battle with emotional stuff – fear and anxiety or depression to varying degrees even if you’re really emotionally intelligent, and you’re often working on adrenaline because your body doesn’t have the keys to turning the “stress response” off.  Oh and you may struggle to lose weight or be putting it on even if you are eating really good!  Which means you and I are more alike than we think 😉

How the hell can we succeed when our energy is low, we can’t think straight or we’re always getting distracted (can’t focus on one thing solely for a lengthy period of time – guilty here!), exercise drains us, supplementing doesn’t seem to energise us and we’re feeling anxiety or down most of the time?

I honestly didn’t realise how depleted I was nor how far my body had broken down… I figured I could just take a holiday and it would fix everything – nope!  Not so… And at this point, I don’t know for sure if Motherfucker (MTHFR) is part of my body health picture however, I do know I am in adrenal fatigue and I know many other entrepreneurs are struggling with the same things, we’re even succeeding to a certain point despite it, but I know (and because our Team in Spirit has told us), once we really get our bodies back in order, everything will flow heaps easier and a whole lot faster, and I’m starting to understand why!

When it comes to manifesting, we know that how we feel is a BIG part of what we attract in!  How much energy we have determines how much we accomplish and how happy we feel doing it.  So if we can do something to turn that up to KICKASS, there is no limit to what we can create, enjoy and do!

So watch this space as Therese and I follow our team’s guidance, we listen to our bodies and record our progress by being our own guinea pigs.  If this does what we think it will, what we teach around the 4 intelligences and integrating this critical body factor, will make a HUGE difference to the success puzzle for everyone we work with 🙂

For my own record:

Energy – I need a nap most days or at least feel like one particularly in the afternoon, can’t always fall asleep at night, wake up tired.  Can’t add exercise, anything physical drains me more but I try to go for walks occasionally.

Motivation – Internal drive comes from inspiration in bouts, equally “couldn’t be bothered” is just as prevalent, particularly when I have to do something I’m not highly jazzed about.  Productivity is a struggle if it’s not actively doing coaching.

Mental – Foggy, often jumping from one thing to another, forget where I’m at or what I’m in the middle of often, can’t focus on one thing for long, get my words mixed up or can’t think of a word.  If I’m particularly tired, I can’t speak or think straight at all.

Emotional – Rarely feel super happy/joyous but generally in a middle zone, I regularly struggle with overwhelm and an underlying low level anxious feeling, I find it difficult to truly step into trust and relax although I can do it for short periods.  Generally emotionally stable but I put this down to my amazing emotion mastery work and skills. Regularly wake up feeling off, often emotional release comes when I “let myself off the hook” and actively take the pressure off.

Spiritual – I feel like I am communicating and connecting with our Team in Spirit but I don’t feel strong sensations and energy moving around, it is subtle and I know it can be so much more.

Food – I’m currently eating 90% whole foods, no sugar, no gluten, limited dairy. I drink 2L of water a day and sometimes green & peppermint tea.

Supplements – Lemon with Apple Cider Vinegar and Himalayan Salt, Vital Greens, Fusion Magnesium, Kombucha, Fefol, Vit D3 and K2, raw honey with Himalayan salt before bed (been doing most of these for 3 months with some energy gained but not as much as I’d expect).


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