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Did you know there is a magical power in the words “what if?”

In my work as a psychic channel and medium I often have a version of the following conversation with clients:

Client (near tears): This job feels like it’s sucking the life out of me.

Me: Why do you stay?

Client: Because I have to. I have bills to pay, I have responsibilities, I have a family to take care of – Because I’m responsible.

Me: How would you describe your quality of life?

Client (full breakdown): Crap.

Me: Is this the only job out there for you?

Client (thinks for a moment): No. But then I would have to go through the process of finding another job. What if another job doesn’t come? What if it takes years?? What if it doesn’t pay enough?

Me: Yes. Those things could happen, especially if you concentrate on them happening. BUT – What if there is a job that feels like it’s giving you life rather than draining it away? What if there is a job just waiting for you to jump in? What if this job pays you what your worth?

Client: Well, that sounds amazing, but honestly Therese, that sounds too good to be true.

Hmm, isn’t that an interesting saying we have, “too good to be true.” I understand WHY that saying exists.

I believe the original, intended meaning of “too good to be true” has to do with the fact that you shouldn’t expect something good, or miraculous, or magical to just be handed to you with no effort on your part.

I agree 100% with THAT definition. You have to put in the effort (not as much as you think A types, calm down). Like, don’t expect to look like Beyonce without putting in the work and effort to look like Beyonce.

However, I believe that people are misusing the shit out of “too good to be true.”

They slap that label on all the things and experiences they want out of life that they are just too afraid to go after. “Oh, that job that makes me feel alive, happy and healthy, yeah that WOULD be amazing, but it’s too good to be true.” “I’ve always wanted a relationship with a person who really gets me, who respects me AND cherishes me, but that’s probably too good to be true.”

Never let your fears decide what’s best for you

There is a magical power in the phrase “what if.” Energetically speaking it opens your energy up. Imagine there are invisible doors that are closed around you. When you mutter “What if” you open a door to allow more energy to move into your life. Now here’s the rub – many times we “what if” about what we DO NOT WANT. We spend a lot of time fretting over the “what if’s” that could come about if we take chances good or bad. Life works on a spectrum – imagine a straight line with two endpoints opposing each other (in fact, turn your head left and imagine one end point, then turn your head right and imagine seeing the other).

When we focus our “what if” on what we don’t want (negative end of the spectrum) we are completely unable to see the “what if” we do want (positive end). You can’t look over your left shoulder and see over the right, can you?? (and if you can, let’s meet up because I need to see that craziness!) If you focus on the “what if” you don’t want you STILL OPEN THE DOOR for energy, you just open it to a dimension you don’t want. Abraham-Hicks calls it being in the vortex (or rather out of your vortex, if you follow them you know what I mean).

So, the real trick here is to refocus your “what if” on what you DO WANT to have, be or experience. Focus the shit out of it. Sure, the lure to go into what you don’t want will be irresistible to you – it’s what you know, it’s where you’re comfortable. But I want you to think about this: “Is this a door I really want to go through?” If the answer is no, then take a few clearing breaths and refocus your “what if” to the positive.

I can hear some of you now, “what if I don’t know how to refocus?” HA! Yes, yes you do. And, let me tell you an easy trick to instantly refocus your “what if” to open a door you do want – flip it.

For example: “What if it takes me a long time to get a new job?” FLIP IT TO “What if there is a new job just waiting for me right now, like this minute? It’s desperately waiting for me to show up!”

You see? You simply take the negative “what if” and flip it into a positive “what if.” Because those things you don’t want to have happen, they are just another way of saying what you do want – it’s just a horrible, ineffective way to say it.

Let me share an amazing story of a friend who just recently got this concept. To protect her identity I will call her Miss Practical. Now, Miss Practical works at a very important job, a job she thought would be fulfilling. Many people who share this profession with her tout it’s level of importance and feeling of reward in the work.

Let me keep this brief – this job was killing my friend, Miss Practical – killing her slowly everyday. To the point at which she had to take a mini-stay-at-home-vacation because one more minute was going to pop a blood vessel in her neck. She has kids, a sweet little family, and what was destroying her on the inside the MOST was the pain she felt from her work was getting under her skin and making it impossible not to take it to her sweet, little home. This was the point in which we connected and I asked her:

“What is it that lights you up inside? Without judging your answer, what is it?”

I could practically hear Miss Practical rolling her eyes on the other end of the line. Look, she’s practical, okay? Asking her not to judge things seems downright absurd to her. But, she played along and let herself say it. There were a couple of really fun, cool ideas rolling around in her imagination that she was letting her judgment knock down like a world-class whack-a-mole player. They weren’t necessarily “practical” (meaning they had nothing to do with her current line of work, or any training she had. They were just awesome ideas), and she had A LOT of “what if’s” around what could go wrong in each scenario.

Some of us are jumpers (like me) we just jump in – even if we don’t know how to swim, we just figure we’ll learn or at least pray there is a lifeguard nearby. Others, like Miss Practical, are testers. They prefer to test the waters, take sample readings, cross check ph and pollution levels and then, ever-so-gracefully, saunter in at their own pace, thank you very much!

I asked Miss Practical to take those “what if’s and flip them. Yes, a little resistance, but she got there. And, even though I couldn’t see her, I’m telling you she GLOWED.

I can see energy, and I could spot hers from miles away. The idea that this could possibly work was amazing – even MAGICAL.

Of course, we had to talk about “what if” it doesn’t work.

“So what,” I said. “Did you enjoy yourself? Did you get to learn and experience something? Did you enjoy not feeling dead on the inside while you took that chance? If this turns out not to be your “thing” there will be other things to try. That is what is so amazing about life. There is always another chance and another choice.
And you’ll know fairly quickly if it works or not.”

So, Miss Practical decides to open the doors to the “what if” she wants. She looks for and says “yes” to opportunities related to her positive “what if.”

I am happy to report she has moved into her flow. She keeps sharing stories with me about her “luck.” She is feeling more excited and happier, and her happiness is infectious.

I know it’s not luck that got her there, it was her going through the door of the “what if” she actually wants.

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