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I haven’t done a lot today, how can I trust I will be successful?

Let me clarify, I’m not doing enough today in my mind

There is plenty of work that I am simultaneously trying to do at once from taking care of two small kids, working on custom art paintings, shaping and sharing a new business, all while trying to keep sane during the holiday season.  So, why the f#@k do I fear I am not doing enough?

Perhaps because I’m a control freak.  Maybe I am an overachiever. Or just too type-A…

Too Type A - Trust More When I tap into my team in Spirit I hear “Do Less, Trust More.” Ahhhh, more trust!

You see, I think we tend to hide behind those labels I mentioned above, and then we just write it off that “that’s just the way we are.” Did it ever occur to you that it’s simply a lack of trust?  That what you are doing is enough?

We tend to want things, and we want them now. We do the work, take the time to meditate, manifest, check in, BUT then we expect our reward. Right. Now!  And, when we don’t see said reward, right now, then we start to suspect we are not doing enough. So, we look for more activities, more work, more material to absorb.

Our team in spirit would like to propose we take a different tactic.

What if, for shits and giggles, we just F#@KING RELAX AND TRUST!!

Could it be that simple?

That part of the manifesting equation is that we sit back and just trust it’s coming. Yep. It truly is.

Think about ordering a pizza to be delivered. You call up the restaurant, order your pizza and wait for the delivery.  You TRUST it’s coming, right? (Well, at least I hope you do, unless you have trust issues with pizza) I’m presuming you don’t continuously call the restaurant and ask them, “is it coming?  Did you do it yet?  Is it on it’s way??”  You’d feel pretty ridiculous, right?

You already took necessary action, now you just allow it to come your way.  In fact, all that calling would probably slow down the process of getting pizza, they’d be just too busy taking all your crazy phone calls.

So, how can we apply this to doing too much in regards to our business?

If we are over-doing it in the action department we are not letting things settle in energy for a moment, to take root and send us information back. We are not letting our actions land, and getting necessary feedback. But, most importantly, we are sending out a big vibratory signal that says we don’t trust this business, and therefore really don’t trust ourselves, since our businesses are simply another reflection of us.

I recommend taking a moment to tap into your team in Spirit next time you get that antsy, ‘I need to be doing more’ feeling. Quiet down and see if this is really the case, or if you need to trust more. If you are remotely like me, it’s a trust issue.

Relax, have a hot tea.  Take a walk, read a book.  Reset.  Let the work be good enough for today and trust that it’s moving in the direction you want it to go.

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