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It’s the end of the year and I find myself in a cycle of detox. I both love and hate the idea of any kind of detox (particularly an emotional detox) – I love knowing I can get that gunk out of my body; yet I hate that before it gets better, it feels like it gets worse!

The past few days I’ve been hanging out in that “getting worse” feeling. Thank you Jesus that my biz partner and dearest friend also happens to be a kickass coach!  You know I’m talking about my girl, Rach Wilson. When I’m just having a shit day I can always chat with her and get my perspective back.

In fact, we were just laughing about today. We both realized that even though being conscious of our emotional lows and our own power to fix it sometimes blows, we really LOVE this work. It actually makes us happy! In fact…

We CHOOSE to do this work and we live for sharing what we learn so you can let go of the shit quicker and let the good stuff flood in! Deal?

The things we do… LOL!

So, yesterday was a personal low in the emotional detox cycle. I was just not mustering the Amy Pohler-esque Joy I usually can tap right into. Nope. It wasn’t happening, and to be totally honest there was a part of me that just wasn’t willing to let it go, not on my own. When hit that realization I jumped into a tub of warm salt water and decided it was time to call Tech Support, a.k.a. my Team in Spirit.

As I laid there feeling like I was back in the womb, I offered up the feeling of just letting go of feeling bad. Now, sometimes when I do this I feel better. Like a breath of fresh air. Not last night, instead stuff I thought was long gone, came up to the surface, like a pimple before prom!

Emotional Detox Angry ChildThe first thing that happened was I felt my heart going into the old emotional reaction I had trained it to feel around this old baggage. Pain, self-doubt, rejection, suspicion. Ick. My inner child, who lives in my heart, wanted to point fingers, as she was trained to do. “This is your fault, you hurt my heart and I can never forgive you for that.” <insert drama queen flare>

Then, a light came on and I spoke the words, “wow, I never actually let that shit go.”

Yep. In truth, it was my fault, I was hurting my heart over and over again by holding onto that old pain. You’ve heard that analogy of drinking the poison and expecting the other person to die. Yup, that is EXACTLY what holding onto shit does to us.

It is an emotional toxin, and you are going to be holding onto those toxins until you do an emotional detox. End of story.

Nearly two weeks ago was our November Full Moon Spirit Circle which is naturally focused on releasing anything that no longer serves us. It was a powerful group emotional detox. I have had some clients ask me why they too are feeling worse. Didn’t the let that go? Shouldn’t they be feeling better by now?

Well, let me remind you all we are still in the moon’s waning phase so, if you are feeling the dark and icky I say “hooray!” This is the perfect time to let that stuff come up and out. You can still use the energy of the lunar cycle to release that stuff. Take advantage of this time to really do an emotional detox.

Here are a few ways to help you emotionally detox:

  1. Take a salt bath. The salt detoxifies the physically body and the water transmutes the emotional energy making an emotional detox more powerful.
  2. Write that shit down, then burn it. (I did this last night, and let me tell you it is so powerful.)
  3. Listen to our new “I Let That Shit Go” Spark Session. It’s only 3.5 minutes long, has a great beat and allows you to get silly while doing a deep emotional detox that activates the 4 Intelligences. Just because you’re detoxing doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

Are you feeling the shit you haven’t let go of? Did you let it go yet? If so, what did you do? Share with us your processes that have helped you let that shit go. And if you still need help, we’ve got your back. Reach out and ask. <3

Until next time – RELAX! We got this!

Sometimes we need to let that shit go to give our heart an emotional detox!

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